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August 27, 2008 at 7:46 pm | Posted in podcast, writing | 25 Comments
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This is a short 1 min 2 sec reading from The Puzzle Box.

If this player has trouble playing you can listen to the podcast here.

(If you have a request for a specific piece to be read from The Puzzle Box or from anywhere, even other people’s work, feel free to leave it in the comment box. I need a bit of a break from writing and now I have figured out how to post mp3’s in here I will be doing readings for a while. Hopefully it will help me get over my embarrassment before the world tour, haha,)



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  1. Please factor Dallas/Fort Worth into said world tour. While I don’t particularly enjoy living in such a conservative location, I don’t want us to be left out…:)
    Haha, I will talk to my agent. Did you like the reading?

  2. My God, your stuff is meant to be read. Love it, listening to it again… More please.
    Thanks Simonne, they are written with a lot of attention to sound which even when others are reading occurs magically in the mind I think,

  3. yes…you should record every one 🙂
    Haha, that may take some time, Tina.

  4. Simonne // August 27, 2008 at 10:03 pm

    My God, your stuff is meant to be read. Love it, listening to it again… More please.

    — Ditto!
    Thanks Sumedh,

  5. At this point I’m interested in how you got the MP3 player on wordpress
    Ahh, did you enjoy the reading, Oz?

  6. how about Singapore? this is good listening over a cup of red tea and milk biscuits. they go well together 🙂
    Singapore is not far away, Aefiel, red tea and milk biscuits, yummy,

  7. So, thats what a Paul sounds like when it is at home? (grin)
    Hello again, Ms Fizz. Mostly at home I sound like a caveman, monosyllabic grunts, I don’t talk much,

  8. oh wow… i heard you, i heard you! your voice is deeper than i expected and the utter precision of your diction is shiveringly superb! kind of tantalising too … yes, “which” indeed …. *reaches for lace fan … finds rolling tobacco instead …
    Thankyou, Shell. You are most kind *reaching for his whiskey and finding coffee instead*

  9. *Applause*
    and I fall over like a penguin in awe of an aeroplane. You’re voice floweth, makes its sinister way though the ears, at the gate, where the men guarding my brain choke on strange magic.

    Oh, requests, where does one begin? and, on your tour of worlds, England on the itinerary please.
    Thankyou Peter. Yes, England definitely. We shall sit in a topiary garden sipping tea under parasols and watch the ladies play croquet, says sir ian,

  10. ‘Listen’ next please… haha… it’s only fair.
    Ahha, a request. Thankyou. I shall ruin ‘Listen’ this evening, Mary.

  11. just beautiful powerful and yet subtle a strange new mix of light dark and mist and resonance in exceptional stillness
    What a wonderful comment. Thankyou, Tipota,

  12. im sorry, couldn’t hear, cranked up the sound but still could’nt hear clearly…so i’ve missed the sailor singing… will try later
    Oh no! Try again later, please, Ms Pie. And congratulations on your award from Mrs Ott. You deserved it.

  13. mm, i could sit around the radio and listen to squire stories all day. your voice makes me want to hear a story about wearwolves. lol.
    Wearwolves, Mrs Ott, how strange although I am a hairy beast and affected by the full moon, hmmm. Thankyou so much for beautiful Art Y Pico Award too, I was humbled.

  14. Umm, dear friend, could you possiby do a reading for me of my Edgar Allen Poeish, Angel of Selene. Selene is pronounced ( Selena ) the Greek goddess of the moon. You have the voice to do it better than I. I would love to hear you read it.
    I could do that, Fabian. It would be fun. But I think you would do an admirable job. It’s not difficult. Today I have to do ‘Listen’ for Mary P. But I will definitely put in the list, my friend.

  15. If you do that, I’ll get a thingy box and put on my page with you reading my poem. It will be our first collaboration! What say ye ?
    I say Aye Aye captain. Ever onward, coolaberation,

  16. wopppeeee! I’ve got a podcast player, now how do i load an individual track? can I do that?

  17. Come over and read the piece on my page, see what you think.

  18. Ha, you’ve already gone and back. lol Is that moth not a thing of ethereal beauty? It is one of the finest looking bugs in nature I think.

  19. I got the audacity player. I even tried it out but all this is quite beyond me. I can get a recording but then what? I have no idea what I am doing. This is much harder than I thought it would be actally. How do you get the recordin from hereto there? About to just give up on it.
    Fabian, check your email, the address under this comment. The first time is tricky but when you’ve done it once it is easy peasy, trust me.

  20. I would like to listen ” Night Sky Prayer” from you Po, at your convenience, please…I discovered your podbean page few days ago and my ears are very pleased:)
    Hayat, that is a good idea. I will do that one next, and thankyou.

  21. Indeed I did enjoy. You know we american’s love an accent.
    Cool. I sent tips on the podcasting to your comments, Oz. Have fun.

  22. If you ever run out of poetry to read (yea, right)…I’d love to hear you read one of mine. Your choosing of course.
    The list is getting longer, Tina but you are wonderful and I will try to pick one of yours that I could do as fair job of. Reading other people’s will be even scarier than reading mine..

  23. congrats on getting the mp3 on wordpress!

    i look forward to listening to it when i have internet again…just not comfortable listening to it in a public place!! (who knows what you might say and HOW you might say it!!)
    No need to worry, Gwendolyn. I think I was fully dressed when I did this one, and it’s in poetry code.

  24. What a brilliant voice you have. I have to say that I love the accent. I’ve always said your work is meant to be read out loud.
    Thankyou, Harmonie. I have always said that you are wonderful,

  25. you should do an audio book. i want you on my iTouch!
    Hello again. There are dozens of podcasts mp3’s of me in the podcast blog (link on the right) that you can download into your iTouch. Funnily enough I was just looking around for something to podcast this evening.

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