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A remarkable body of work by Paul Squires is nestled here in the pages of the gingatao blog.

His last post, Gene Kelly Tattoo, has reached a landmark of 100 comments, something Paul would have been very pleased about. Of course the circumstances are different than they would be if he was here. But it was something he always wanted and would have been grateful for.

For readers who have recently discovered or stumbled onto the work of Paul Squires, we welcome you and hope to share something vital about this amazing man and his brilliant writings.

Paul Squires was (and still is) an influential force of energy, whose work fostered an awareness of potentials and possibilities widely in writing, arts and media, and through performing his prose and poetry. His work online added dimensions that further developed the internet form and scope for creative endeavor, and it is important to note how he diligently went out of his way to help other writers and artists expand and grow and become better. How his words of wisdom, humor, argument and insight encouraged and promoted creativity and communication. How a quality of light plays through all of his passages. Even the dark ones. How he gave so much to so many and how startlingly important his voice was.

Paul’s first book “The Puzzle Box” was published twice, the second edition is available in paperback from Lulu. A limited number of first edition hardcover copies are also still available from Lulu. All proceeds from the sales will go to his family and potentially toward a writers award in his name.

Jewellery” was one of Paul’s metaphors for the words strung across the page. He envisioned the settings, stones, precious metals, all sculptural in dimension, all in sparkling fine quality and placed in a distinctive array.

We encourage new readers to come, enjoy and learn. We welcome his friends to revisit, remember, respond. We hope to eventually publish the last manuscript he left behind, and we hope you will come back and read Paul’s words again and again.

A special magic permeates this work. Once you have known Paul Squires, you can never forget about the magic that swirls from the belly of feeling to the crown of spirit and permeates our world.

“Have a fantabulous day full of tiny miracles like unexpected flowers blooming,”
Paul Squires




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  1. A toast…to Paul.

  2. To Paul! clink

  3. Thai nipple pop (((Paul)))!

  4. Dear Paul..I miss you. Bekki


  5. Missing Paul, the “Chief of Secret Handshakes” and so posted about his a little longer than one year anniversary today. Fellow blogger suggested administration should be sure to back up his blog because Google is started to delete blogs that are “Legacy” blogs that haven’t been logged into since 2007. I have no idea what that means. Just make lots of copies.

  6. Just a suggestion to the family, that you may want to back up Paul’s blog in case Word Press ever gts funky about hosting “Legacy Blogs.” Blogger has discontinued their support for blogs that are not logged into on a regular basis. I’m not certain if WordPress will follow suit or not. But it’s just a thought, and it might be better to be safe than sorry.

  7. Querulous Squirrel, Storm Dweller – Thank you. We have backups of gingatao.com and gingatao.podbean.com in a few different formats for safekeeping and they have also been archived by the National Library of Australia. We are confident that Paul’s work here is secure, even if WordPress itself becomes defunct.

  8. It’s November now and I am wondering what plans might be afoot to honor Paul on his birthday which is coming up in a few weeks. Shall there be another party over at the Orchid Room? Maybe I should check there and see…

    Also, is it possible to give Paul his gravatar image back somehow? It makes me sad when I see the stats and how many times he commented and the image is a ghost–and Paul feels very much present still. Maybe that profile of him in the animal suit from when he was in that Christmas play?

    Finally, it does seem that this blog is being logged into periodically so hopefully this site will stay intact as long as WordPress does.

    ((I miss you Paul…I’m carrying Puzzle Box with me around the US whenever I travel so you’re getting a bit of a peek…))

  9. Hi Gwendolyn. Looking forward to seeing you at the Orchid Room for Paul’s birthday (19th Nov) and hoping to see a big turnout. We hope to have one or two surprises to share on the day as well. If you have a mailing list that you can send an announcement out to, that would be great. And we’ll try to get the gravatar updated before then. Thank you 🙂

  10. Thank you to everyone who keeps Paul alive.
    Being Paul’s niece and not knowing his life makes me miss him even more.
    This blog has given me a way to connect and learn about the man he was and still is.
    I wont be at his birthday party. Physical space divides. I will be there in spirit, in the bottom of the gin bottle.

    cheers Paul
    love you

  11. […] Orchid Room; principles that I think extend, one way and/or another from/into Paul’s works at gingatao.com, The Puzzle Box, and much more to […]

  12. what a nice sweet message from Sonia.
    Sonia, your uncle was an amazing writer, and a
    fantastic human, and is/was greatly admired,
    as well as loved, and was a huge inspiration
    to many many people.
    best wishes to you

  13. […] It’s been awhile since I’ve posted poetry on this site (on a Monday or any other day!) but The Jam is on KCRW (“A Town Called Malice”) and it makes me think of my friend poet and blogger Paul Squires and his website GingaTao who passed away in late July 2010. […]

  14. Paul was an inspiration. Sadly, I have not read any of his work in a very long time. I knew Paul very briefly, but in the short time that I knew him, I knew that he was simply a wonderful human being. Cheers, Paul.

  15. Missing Paul today and no new poems to roll about it and I am wondering if there is some sort of WordPress randomizer by which the various postings and poem thingy’s would bounce out almost new born to us all…

  16. Missing you friend….you still put a smile on my face.

  17. … funny how everything i wanted to say has already been spoken in the previous two comments… miss pie

  18. I never knew Paul, but he was one of the very few people to ever stumble upon my poems and give me feedback. It was almost 2 years ago that I stopped checking gingatao for updates. I stopped reading, and I took a hiatus from poetry. It saddens me to discover the reason the updates stopped.
    Paul, though I never met you, you made an impact on my life, and your words stay with me.

  19. I miss him – he was so kind to me. I treasure every comment he left for me – and I often re-read his writings.

    His words give me so much joy and hope – not because he was always joyful, but because just knowing such a talent as his existed in the real world in real time gave me joy. His legacy provides inspiration and hope for the future of great poets and great spinners of words.

  20. Hello Uncle. I finished my degree. Wouldn’t have done it without your influence, so- thank you.

  21. Congrats, Ebby. I’m in grad school, reading Jung, and other such that would have interested Paul a great deal. I miss the conversations we could have had about it all; it’s not quite the same talking with him one sided like.

  22. Paul lives. He lives in my thoughts and memories. He lives in his body of work. He lives in the love and care he gave to his friends and contemporaries. Paul was an amazing poet and friend. I miss him. But I know we shall meet again some finer day.

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