Which Arts the Government should fund,

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wish ones
if it was up to me
it would be elephant-less circi
and entry would be

F tattoo (in G, is for horses)

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Fear. and freedom from it.
looking in mirrors and startling

fantastical modifications in form
with no apparent function

p is for pointless alliteration
without contrasting consonants

F is for free
to give it all away

and go sailing.

The Meaning Of Friendship.

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subtitle – postcard from Pete.

Postcard from Pete

Postcard from Pete



Reverse psychopomp.

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Roll up roll up says the old priest staring into the mirror
and wiping away the teardrop tattoo again,
just another Friday night,
play that reverse

  • psychopomp
  • again,

    ’tis a gift to simple (2)

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    existence itself is a miracle

    (at my age)


    sorry I’m late, Jim,

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    ahh, its overused, cool,
    when you lose your chain of thought shed those shackles and slip beneath the smooth surface sunonhead where kisses are cool air in motion round your heart and somewhere exu is conspiring to possess you,
    ‘crimes are forgiven in the morning
    which were committed in the moonlight’
    she lies,

    everything describes itself perfectly, (2)

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