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1 attachment: teethmarks.mp3 (via pandora.nla.gov.au)



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  1. *insert great big heart, love thingie here*

  2. could someone please explain this please? not the lovely poem itself but how where when

    Good question Gwendolyn. The text and recording were sent from Paul’s email to a friend. How it was sent after Paul’s passage was configurated beforehand apparently. There is also a draft of teethmarks (without a recording) in the blog dashboard suggesting that Paul had been planning to see it published here.

    We believe it to be the last recording he made, and it was first posted at Paul’s podbean on 11/25/2011. The text had not been posted until now. We linked to the National Library archives for the recording because Paul’s podbean account is not responding, a recurring problem with podbean which we are working to remedy.


  3. ditto what Gwendolyn said 🙂

    Three years ago – seems like yesterday and seems like a life time ago Paul #RIP #missyouheaps

  4. perhaps we should have go have a drink at the Orchid Room…a toast to Paul

  5. I’ll toast to that #clink

  6. Reblogged this on The Orchid Room and commented:
    in memory of McPaulus–a .new post on gingatao–and a toast!

  7. A wonderful surprise – something of a mystery from Paul Squires right out of the blue. Still miss his bright light here… It shines on in each of us he touched.

  8. miss you xxxx

  9. here it is a few days after Paul’s birthday…1963 yes to 2013 so he would have been 50 yes?…so confused, still unbelieving still missing our dear friend

  10. oh goddess … still loving you missing you and hearing this now … deeply sighing you …

  11. Teehee. Such games.

  12. ohhh goddess but this is glorious. Paul has been so in my mind-soul of late .. and so this … is perfect. Thank you!! XxX

  13. yeahhhh .. sometimes i repeat and click send too fast … lol ..

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