Velazquez Tattoo.

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“If you think in a certain way you may feel better,” said the old man, it’s not a question of belief. But it is innate in human nature to question, to seek. It was one of the primary reasons we became so successful as a certain type of creature. The old priest tucks himself into his cassock. I am tired of preaching to the converted my love. He has a photograph of himself as a young man with a painting by Velazquez tattooed on his back. He is standing on a beach somewhere and you can’t tell if the sun is rising or setting over the ocean. The tattoo is all he has to show for some adventure. He is dripping wet and in his hand is some dull object too blurred by the sepias of time to be identified.

Besides, he says putting the photograph back on the dresser and looking up into the mirror, silence is consent and people are still dying. Outside is the clatter of swords on horseback and a sudden silence. He waits for the knock on the door.


’tis a gift to simple (2)

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existence itself is a miracle

(at my age)


Harpo Speaks.

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(escaping the tyranny of language…  

“One of the three great American Surrealists,” Salvador Dali on Harpo Marx.
(Dali sketches Harpo playing the barbed wire harp.)
For more on Dali’s great admiration for Harpo Marx here is an excellent article in the  
…the piano player surrendered)

More Bizarre Experiments.

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in nonlinear time…

Thanks, Sumedh, for the flower image.

life is a wonderful thing,

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oh well,

Transitional States,

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I dreamt an ancient civilization arising from the sea, I wanted to call this electrodoodle. If all the technical details are automated and one adopts a certain Dadaist approach to the generative priniciple, I fell asleep in the sun and dreamt of Jean Arp,


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I call this pseudopainting, Riverwalk. I went for a walk by the river today as the sun set and frogs were throwing their voices and it very easy for me to let the city slip away and the landscape return to the winding river delta it was before we imagined a city into being.

And then imagined into being the pseudopainting using RealDraw Pro. You can get a free 30 day trial version from here. It is so easy to use, I can’t paint or draw at all, but the artists among you would have a ball, a great big shiny 3d one wrapped in a million skins and lit by moving lights radiating joy,

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