by Paul Squires

Paul Squires is the author of the infamous book “The Puzzle Box” and curator of this website (a non-linear multidimensional text based on the relationship between sound, music and language). He has been writing poetry and prose for thirty of his forty-six years and hopes that soon he will have written enough to win the respect of his peers. He lives in Brisbane, Australia and believes that life, like jazz, is an improvised artform. His work has appeared in




Word Catalyst Magazine

Hit And Run Magazine

Poets and Artists

The Arava Review

Shoots and Vines


Bolts Of Silk

Asphalt Sky

Another Lost Shark

Writers Light

and others too numerous to remember.

He has been interviewed here in Overland and at View From The Shoe

If you are one of the few people who hasn’t read “The Puzzle Box” you can purchase your copy here…

Paperback available here.

Limited Edition Hardback available here.




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