Cannot begin to imagine the end of
delight in you and the strangeness of touch
tasting enough or divining some final
truth of you or beginning to wish your eyes
your lips, your lips your eyes, desire
in movement away my dear appearing nearer
to thee when my mind declines my
blood descends a kiss not this nor here but
where there is no end of you some
river runs some planet dips a swoop of fish
a clasp of song a longing belonging
to you becoming yours by some squeezing
force an opening call unheard before
imagine no end to beginning again waking
you with a kiss just this not here nor
there but whisper this in your ear my dear
i love you,



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  1. ahh, and here is the dream. lovely, lovely, lovely, these words are good enough to eat.
    Oh, I should leave this one sleeping, I think.

  2. paul, this is so beautiful. i listened to you read it again on the podcast–you should link this page to it
    I have the podcasts stashed away, Gwendolyn.

  3. . . . . . . . Gosh
    How love reveals there’s only one I AM ! We are precious prisms.

    what will you do when you graduate from poetry, the pinnacle of words? Start humming?

  4. I wrote this one as a birthday present for Narnie.

  5. Dear Paul

    Welcome at to the Poetry Circle
    it was a pleasure to follow your link here.

    And i believe i need to wish you a Happy Birthday.

    a warm smile
    silent lotus
    Oh my goodness, we’ve raised a ninja,

  6. One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read.
    I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  7. I cannot but repeat myself – this was beautiful :)!

  8. I am speechless.

  9. […] prayer […]

  10. This prayer is for me an eternal masterpiece, Paul. I am quite sure I will never grow weary of holding these thoughts and these words to my heart.

  11. Beautiful. I love that you put no punctuation…it reflects the theme of love neverending (sentences, thoughts neverending).

  12. Paul. I’m double-commenting. I reread this today and it moved as it did last week. I have enjoyed your prayers.

  13. and the best part is i really truly believe the planets actually dip in those times. they must right? to keep us from the asteroids coming in at such an inopportune moment

  14. I said a prayer for you last night. The first prayer I have uttered in a very long time. This soldier’s prayer is on my wall as you know. Maybe only you and I will ever know the actual behind it. But that is apt and rightfully so.
    You will live forever through your words, Paul. Like you said, real magic is contained in words. Your words. Let everyone see it so.

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  16. […] I just had to pop over to Squires blog Gingatao. The first post I read was Squires rambling on about the huge pink snail in the world of Dr […]

  17. It is gorgeous and deep beyond appearance.

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