The Bugsy Siegel Riff.

February 6, 2009 at 7:07 pm | Posted in links, memoirs, writing | 12 Comments

See gal, seagull, Bugsy Siegel the fact is officer, as Cocoyea will agree, if you can’t play live, fuck off.
Oh! enough with the corpses Chico, sombrero’ed slinger, conjuring ghosts from an urban desert.
Haha, context through framing as in framed. Wasn’t me Bob, I swear, not this time.
And if you’re leaving, I’ll be at Jason’s
downing a couple listening
to the sound of Billy Corgan
getting rained on with his own ’38.



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  1. Oh and fair attribution goes to Tom Waits for the last line.
    And if you don’t know about highlight with mouse and hit search, here is a link to Bugsy Siegel, the man who invented Las Vegas.

  2. uff, temper temper 🙂

  3. Hahaha! Love it!

  4. bugsy was quite the man, looked it up, also called a crook, (dict. def.) a curved metal tube that connects the double reed to the body of the …. bell deck (floor of the belfry)
    perfectly funny!

  5. Hmmm, interesting link and did the lady rain on his parade? Sheesh, it’s always those women causing trouble. Love the opener on this – eye catching, eyebrow cocking – and the rhythm at the end is just perfectly finger clickingly da-dum.

  6. interesting details about vegas. i really never knew much of its history besides what i understood about sinatra’s influences.

    must have been such an interesting time to live in around that area.

  7. yeah, Vegas, city of lights, anything goes…the first time I went there I was three, my gamberholic parents, what a childhood.

  8. Good old Bugsy. 😆

  9. I think you are in the process of discovering another language. Future generations will speak it worldwide.

  10. “When a check written by Chico was found in mobster Bugsy Siegel’s wallet at the time of his death, Chico was interrogated by police. He insisted the check was payment of a gambling debt from a poker game. When asked about his knowledge of Siegel’s criminal activities, Chico stated, ‘We never discussed business.’ Groucho Marx later said of this incident, ‘Chico was lucky that Bugsy was shot. If Bugsy had tried to cash that check, it would have bounced. Then Bugsy would have shot Chico.'”

    i love a good crime drama…
    Those were the days, Chico. If only I had a time machine.

  11. i never know what i’m going to find (and learn) on your site, Paul. so many voices.

  12. i miss you so much, you licky bastard

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