King Lear Tattoo

July 8, 2010 at 6:26 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 10 Comments
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behind the mirror shades
the zap of flash bulbs
three card slips into the back of the limo
exhales the long held breath

the Edgar engine purrs the street scene blurs
he drifts between the his the hearse
this strange and aweful awesome curse

where are we going to sweet Mamu
“when sudden lit beneath
a spotlight mooon,
he chuckles, wiggles
his Lear tattoo pay day
soon, accelerate,



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  1. This is a fantastic poem

  2. Aweful awesome… Like it 🙂

  3. ah yes, the trademark slip and pull of the gingatao narrative… i reach the end and must cycle back,

  4. So mysterious this one. I enjoyed reading it out loud… Would love to hear you read it.

  5. You have many car poems, mysterious things happen in cars or as they drive.

    It’s a breathing poem, too. Hard not to inhale in sync with the long held breath.

    And so visual. I was picturing the reflection in the mirror shades, not quite sure what I was seeing, but bright sun light and earth.

    His and hearse, now there’s a commentary!

  6. What a great scene you’ve created – love it 🙂 ‘the his the hearse’ is a brilliant touch.

  7. A palpable resignation. Tempted to get my hands on that Edgar engine and analyze its internal workings.

  8. all of your last posts writing is spectacular, i too would love to hear this one read

  9. Somewhere between heaven and hell, its beautiful :)!

  10. damn, take us on that ride too!!!… scary, funny, talkin heads sorta singin.. possibly the wiggling tattoo very “illustrated man” esque..

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