bouquet #3

May 12, 2010 at 3:15 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 11 Comments
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Those who say that flowers have no sound have never heard the generousity of tulips in your smile nor watched the synchronicitous flight of gulls like white orchids at the whisper of your touch. They have not been released into the world of sunflower splendour or tiny blue delphinium delight nor set the direction of their dreams by the scent of apple blossom on a chilly night. They doubt the giggle of gardenias when I demonstrate my geranium brain again and are blind to that outrage of yellow hyacinth in the corner of your eye that warns of lightning strikes. I thought of them again this morning when I heard you laugh circus pink camellias into an azure sky and I hope that if they are reading this they experience now as I did then a truly gypsophila anticipation.


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  1. bouquet 1 left me with a sense of colour. a happy yellow.
    bouquet 2 left me with a sense of shine and sparkle.
    bouquet 3 left me feeling like a boy who was was so excited and speaking so fast that he forgot to breathe. and then i breathed.

    can’t wait for bouquet 4.

  2. This is a floral triumph, if ever there was one. Thanks, Paul. It’s better than all the flowery cheer inflicted upon us through the media in honour of mother’s day.

  3. Have you changed a flower in the last sentence? It is your every right to rearrange the bouquet at the last minute, to make it perfect. Love this bit:’They doubt the giggle of gardenias when I demonstrate my geranium brain again’. I think I’ve heard them laughing – ha,ha. Your series is superb.

  4. this is gorgeous! loved it

  5. aye! it feels like spring is turning back and all’s again in bloom…what a feast of odours and colours…

  6. beautiful. now to look up gypsophila ha ha

  7. Really wonderful series you have going on here. This bouquet is so vibrant with colors, reminds me of Spring.

  8. When I went to Jersey, you could hire a scythe and wade into their field of sunflowers to hack at the stems for your own bouquet. Such giants that need a gathering of pretty young things to stop them being lumberous. Perfect balance.

  9. These flowers will never wilt and have a splendor whose perfume will linger over years and the come and go of many growing seasons.
    With delights such as only Ambrosius Bosschaert or Jan Brueghel might — I say — might rival.

    These lovely flowers of sound.

  10. Beautiful meditations on flower music.

  11. […] bouquet#3 […]

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