Hawaii Limo Exit.

March 30, 2009 at 6:15 pm | Posted in memoirs, poetry, writing | 7 Comments
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If you don’t play for high stakes it’s never more than jewellery and empty scented envelopes, she says.
Every story needs a bad guy, I just wanted it most.
Oh escapes some rounded sweet pink lips,
I’ve never been on a literal red carpet before.

You don’t spend five years inside for having a big mouth
without turning learning taking a trick or two hanging up the phone
stubbing out another obvious cigarette prop.
Never mind my dear his arm around her waist
and never fear, when backlit by a spotlight moon,

and Mamu accelerates away



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  1. This is very playful, visual, full of tactile images that bring it to life. I like it. Good to see Mamu again too.

  2. yes good to hear from mamu again. there is such a lovely sound to this poetry; it sort of cascades and is delicate but also tells a story and i enjoy that. good to come around here for once, its been too long

  3. Here here!

    Loved the sentiments!

  4. Absolutely love the opening line, it applies to so many things.

    “when backlit by a spotlight moon” ~ my newest dream state, thank you!

  5. A great ride Paul. The spotlight moon is shining on you.

  6. My favorite line. “Every story needs a bad guy, I just wanted it most.” As if we are the sole orchestrators of our own image and lives. And maybe we are.

  7. […] where are we going to sweet Mamu “when sudden lit beneath a spotlight mooon, he chuckles, wiggles his Lear tattoo pay day soon, accelerate, […]

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