Saw Wai

January 26, 2008 at 10:19 am | Posted in writing | 4 Comments
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Saw Wai, hero poet. If they are putting us in jail then we must still have some power.

Saw Wai is a Burmese poet jailed this week for hiding a cryptic message about the insane Burmese military dictatorship in a love poem.

Saw Wai !

Here is the article in The BBC with a copy of the poem in the original language.

And here is the Save Burma Website where you can get involved.



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  1. Maybe even guns are powerless against words.

  2. yup. truth (dissidents) is always the enemy of the guilty (authorities).

  3. Thanks for the links. Its terrible that people can be imprisoned for their words, but in a sense inspiring that poetry has the power to threaten a military dictatorship

  4. Yes it is. I like the fact that it was a cryptic message hidden in a love poem. For obvious reasons that really appealed to me. Saw Wai! Never forgotten.

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