‘spray’ and ‘undulations in solar plexus’ podcast

October 14, 2008 at 9:24 pm | Posted in podcast, poetry, writing | 6 Comments
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Two new podcasts, ‘spray‘ and ‘undulations in solar plexus
Hope you enjoy them. They are only short, less than a minute each.

Have a fantabulous day full of tiny miracles like unexpected flowers blooming,


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  1. yay, Paul! thanks for making these for us–they’re wondrous!
    Yayay, you’re welcome.

  2. Hello!!
    How’ve you been? 😉
    Very nice Paul…
    Helloooo, you’re back, yayay. I’ve been having maximum fun. Hope you have too, not so disturbed nonstranger,

  3. Smooth talker you are. They’re wonderful.
    Thankyou, Mary. You are wonderful too.

  4. Kind words. Thanks you Paul. ;>)
    and thankyou,

  5. Thank you for the little blessings.

  6. I’ll have to re-listen.
    And I need to ask permission to use that “fantabulous day” in a project. I’ll mention you (it is another collage I attempt). If you care to find more you can g-mail me (could not find your e-mail here).

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