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Welcome, he said, putting his arm around my shoulders, to the first Cambooya Crafts and Arts fair. See if you can spot the difference. Here is a roughhewn piece of whale bone upon which some stubby fingered sailor has carved a poor portrait of an anonymous Polynesian dancing girl and his hand has slipped, here, see this dark stain, the probable result. And here, carefully crafted, the complete works of Oscar Wilde. Which of these men was more honest?

Oh leave him alone, old man, she said cackling with an air of wild inspiracy. Come with me, he will only have you working. He’s all about utility and the hows and wherefores. I have both the Dali deck and the Crowley. I will raise a future for you, shuffle them together.


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  1. More honest. That is so relative. I wish I could shuffle my future.

  2. You can see the Dali tarot deck at this wonderful website, and the Crowley Tarot at this one. I certainly don’t endorse Tarot reading as anything but an interesting exercise, the decks however are works of art.

  3. i beg to differ, pauly, done properly, with out all the new age mumbo jumbo, future stuff, in the hands of a skilled practitioner, Tarot readings can help show you what your inner belief system is , which we are often blind to..and help stop the repeating patterns that so many of us go through….they can be an invaluable tool for unlocking subconcoius beliefs, thats why rudolf steiner, and carl Jung were into them so much.
    And the future is only a manifestation of these beliefs, made physical, so explore the beliefs, change the future.

    i prefer the Rider waite deck myself.

  4. Well, I don’t disagree entirely, in the hands of skilled practitioner the cards can be used to apply certain fundamental archetypes and plotlines to a particular individual’s life. And assisting them to recognise their life as a part of a larger pattern may well help them to make different decisions. I was just using it as a nexus of art and craft.

  5. Great piece, your hallmark fluid, beautiful writing which always makes me smile……as to which is the more honest, if they both put their hearts and souls in, then they are equally honest…….some are just better at expressing it GRIN.

  6. Thanks Jo. Well they may be equally honest in their intentions, but you know what they say about good intentions,

  7. I probably am not going to explain this well, but here goes.
    it goes beyond archetypes.And this is not really anything to do with the cards per se, they are just a focusing tool, it focuses on the deeper underlying things, peels away the layers of time mind, and personality, and done properly, it transcends all the known plot lines, the ones they know, the ones they think they know , and also the ones they dont know ,and helps bring them to a deeper understanding of freedom. It actually has nothing to do with the future, or fate.
    Ps i liked your post, very witty, a dillema beween oscar wilde, and Marlon Brando.

  8. wild inspiracy indeed and the last line is in a league all by itself.

  9. Hey, I love Salvadore and I read Tarot. I refrain from chiming in on that one.
    As for honesty, I’ll go with the crappy carving on the illegal whale bone, Oscar was far too inteligent to be honest.
    Oooooh, now there’s a contentious comment, can’t believe I said that.

  10. Ozy, that made me laugh and may well have more than a grain of truth in it…….what a wit he was……one of the cleverest men and he did say that the truth is rarely pure and never simple.

  11. Ozzy you read tarot? we should compare notes one day.

  12. comments as intriguing as the posted writing.
    love me some Dali by the way. Surrealists rock.

  13. now that is cool, that whole rain of comments, cackling with an air of wild inspiracy, each of you is such a card, haha,

  14. last line..delish

  15. As always wonderful writing, both clear and mysterious. Shuffling the future is a beautifully poetic concept…

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