The Function Of Art

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Blogging As Art.

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Whilst I would like to earn a living doing what I enjoy (who wouldn’t?) I have no desire to be personally famous, (which explains the mystery man (haha) act), but I am committed to doing what I can to preserve a tradition, a noble part of human achievement. Art, the idea that is possible to create. And the artist, that there is a subgenre of the human who are artists. (Oh and then duck as the accusations of arrogance and ‘we are all artists creating our own lives’ and yes yes but I am not being metaphysical. I am saying that some people are artists and some aren’t, the same way some people are doctors and some aren’t, some people are prisoners and some aren’t.)

Is there redemption in Art? Does Picasso’s Guernica redeem in someway the suffering that created it? Are the people who died redeemed in it by having their moment recorded in a way that magnifies and articulates so that it is burned into the consciousness of the species? Is Walt Disney the embodiment of evil for turning the deepest roots of memory, folk tales, into advertisements for middleclass American consumerism?

As for the iPod I can understand their desire to have music injected straight into their brains all the time but I suspect this is only so they never have to think. Perhaps every time they think about themselves in the world they get scared or nauseated or depressed or lonely. What kind of a world have we created? Perhaps art is a reclamation of freedom in as much as it asserts that communication is possible. That is certainly what I have tried to achieve here, to make a place in the world where freedom, communication, creation, meaningful art, is at least a possibility. And where people are respected for what they do, what they create.

An artist must be just as motivated to the act of destruction, change and revolution as they are to the notion of creation. Art is not supposed to be passively recording or endlessly describing yourself. It is supposed to be an active force in the world. But until you say, alright, I am going to call myself an artist, I am going to claim that what I am doing is utilising certain learned skills and devices (craft) in creating a work of art, until you do that and risk the constant accusations of arrogance, like Picasso, like Oscar Wilde, like Byron, take an actual risk of complete and utter and humiliating failure, until then the world will remain as it is,



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I call this pseudopainting, Riverwalk. I went for a walk by the river today as the sun set and frogs were throwing their voices and it very easy for me to let the city slip away and the landscape return to the winding river delta it was before we imagined a city into being.

And then imagined into being the pseudopainting using RealDraw Pro. You can get a free 30 day trial version from here. It is so easy to use, I can’t paint or draw at all, but the artists among you would have a ball, a great big shiny 3d one wrapped in a million skins and lit by moving lights radiating joy,

not such a subtle shuffle,

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Welcome, he said, putting his arm around my shoulders, to the first Cambooya Crafts and Arts fair. See if you can spot the difference. Here is a roughhewn piece of whale bone upon which some stubby fingered sailor has carved a poor portrait of an anonymous Polynesian dancing girl and his hand has slipped, here, see this dark stain, the probable result. And here, carefully crafted, the complete works of Oscar Wilde. Which of these men was more honest?

Oh leave him alone, old man, she said cackling with an air of wild inspiracy. Come with me, he will only have you working. He’s all about utility and the hows and wherefores. I have both the Dali deck and the Crowley. I will raise a future for you, shuffle them together.

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