No Scratching During Takeoff!

August 4, 2009 at 7:39 pm | Posted in writing | 12 Comments
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The sign blinks in front of him. No rude bits. Hmm he thinks hitching his pants gee I wish I’ld remembered to buy a belt.

He practised smiled at the beautiful woman who took his boarding pass. He had only seen them before on billboards, in the colourful dresses and he hoped that one was the one that brought the food.

Flying was an odd concept to someone who had spent a lot of his life in water. He’ld seen birds of course, of all varieties, little pecky ones, loud cranky ones fighting over scraps, bloody big ones too, swooping across the rising sun. He wished he had remembered to bring some kind of a marking device, a glyph or quill, griffin. No no alcohol he said, thanks, remembering to smile at the strange robotic device offering him drinks.

He wondered what she would wear. She wouldn’t tell him and she wouldn’t send photos. He looked at the watch the old man had given him leaned back and wondered where the echidna had gone.


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  1. I like this one very much, very smiley, lots of excited sentences, that roll with commas, fantasticallike.

  2. Hello Gingatao~ A nicely written story here. Reading and rereading I can see so many different elements at play. You’ve amassed them well. Have a great night.

  3. This is hilarious – I love the way everything links back to your other stuff – the pants, the watch, the quill.

  4. How to behave on airplane flights:
    flight without a belt, buy one after.
    Allways smile at strangers.
    Never get drunk.
    Always bring markers.
    Let your mind wonder for a while.

  5. A tale that is short and sweet and yet crammed full of enticing descriptions and lots of smiles…

    Your head must be a fascinating place Paul – I’m so glad you share little bits and pieces of your wonderful imagination with us all from time to time.

  6. this could be a perfect way to start an argument as to whether this is a prose poem or flash fiction 🙂 well done!

  7. *hopes this continues*

  8. Water and air. Birds and planes, booze and sea water. Good stuff Mr. Squires.

  9. hehe, this was so much fun. 🙂 Great imagery, wit, and creative contractions!

  10. anoher great excerpt from the classic gingatao narrative.

  11. “devilishly enigmatic,”
    he said, wading through this concentration of riches.
    “and oh, by the way, do you offer frequent reader miles?”

  12. I can always count on you, paul. I feel great affection for this guy. Such a short passage, too–nice job being concise.

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