“The Puzzle Box” by Paul Squires (unleashed)

May 27, 2009 at 6:41 pm | Posted in blogging, memoirs, writing | 21 Comments
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Thanks to the support of all the ubercool people who have bought “The Puzzle Box” or showed an interest in it, Lulu have decided to give me a distribution package for free. Which means that the book is now available on Amazon without me having to do anything which is just as well given my laziness (I mean Taoism).

If you are in country (like Argentina) where the book was unavailable, or you wanted a copy of the hard cover collectors edition but the shipping costs to Australia were excessive, you can now access all the strangeness and mysteries of my mad mind, the crazy poetical adventures of F., Sunonhead, the old man with the hat on and that lazy piano-player as they pursue the mysterious vision in silk perfume across non-linear time without having to leave the luxury of your own time machines.

I’m not sure why Lulu decided to do this, it is all part of the magic of the internet. But I do know that the whole is more than the sum of its planets and that communities evolve naturally. So thankyou to all of you, the inspiracy, for your generous kindnesses and wondrous supportings, you are the most magnificent of human type creatures. And rage on, I say,

“The Puzzle Box” Hardback edition at Amazon (temporarily sold out)

“The Puzzle Box” Paperback edition at Amazon



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  1. I already have the hardback and the paperback… they are both wonderful. I have been pimping it too, not out of any friendship to you but purely because it is a wonderful collection that everyone should read. This is fabulous news. Congrats!!
    Thankyou! The title for this piece is dull but I did it for googling reasons, to help people looking for the book that way to find it. I had all sorts of cleverer ideas but sometimes practicalities must override my unsensibubble-ness. And thankyou for the pimping and especially for pimping for the only good reason.

  2. Way to go Paul. Lulu have the best taste ever. Onwards and upwards and upwards and upwards and upwards..until your head hits the rainbow..then duck and keep reaching!
    Yayaa. Onward and upward and occasionally sideways just for fun, Maxine.

  3. This is great news! Congratulations!
    Thankyou Ms Squirrel. When does your book come out?

  4. Great news! Lulu is to be commended.

    …Taoism has many merits. 🙂
    It does, Tina. It suits my ‘don’t try to make it happen, just let it happen’ personality perfectly.

  5. Congratulations, Paul, on this wonderful news full of world domination for poetry!
    World Domination, that’s the plan, AP. Get rid of the politicians and put poets in charge, the world will one big party. Thankyou,

  6. i got to see it (typed in the title and author at amazon) and it looks wonderful, though they wouldn’t let me post a review since i didnt buy it there, but i might just buy it again
    Haha, you don’t have to buy it again, Tipota. I put the links there so people could see without having to type it into Amazon, I hope they work?

  7. Lulu +Amazon just rocks …Congrats, Paul
    (but geez when I think I could of got it now with free shipping…lol)
    Oh no, I will have to think of a compensation. And thankyou, Annamari.

  8. Unsolicited endorsement. If you don’t have this book, buy it. You will not regret it. It’s like having Mr. Squires sleeping beside you. If that frightens you, you could always put the book outside of your bedroom at night. Then it’s like having Mr. Squires outside of your bedroom.

    Haha, Outrageous, Bryan, thankyou…and I promise not to snore.

  9. congrats are in order paul… that the merry characters would spread their wings with each turning page… nice visit…
    Thankyou, Ms Pie.

  10. […] OF PAUL SQUIRES If one enjoys books of poetry, one should seriously consider investing in The Puzzle Box by Mr. Paul […]
    Thankyou, Bryan.

  11. Congrats!

  12. It tickles me pink to raise my glass of whisky to you, Paul. An inspiration of the highest order you are. Cheers!
    Cheers! and shalom, bottoms up, chin chin and chok dee to you, Brad. The inspiracy is mutual.

  13. Many Congratulations!!! How wonderful indeed!!! I feel your success may deserve more exclamation points but I’m just not sure if I can get away with it… well maybe just one more?!
    Thankyou!! Tracey!

  14. Yayz, that’s awesome Paul, congratulations :)!!!
    Yayaya, thankyou Ms Mist.

  15. Fabulous, Paul! I’ve added The Puzzle Box to my Amazon wish list, and it will be a part of my next order. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. 🙂
    Cool, thankyou, Thommalyn. It’s all happening and it’s nearly beer o’clock too. How are the tadpoles?

  16. Excellent news, congratulations

    I like poetic grin’s comment!
    Me too, though it’s a little frightening. Thankyou Juliet.

  17. you are the man, and everybody here knows it, and now it’s time for the (amazon-related) world to know it. congratulations, but it is long overdue. thank christ occasionally good things happen to people who deserve it.
    Half man, half dog, Jason. Thankyou.

  18. Rage on indeed Paul! May The Puzzle Box continue to find a place in new reader’s minds.
    Cool, thanks Graham. Onward and upward…

  19. C-SPAN2 covered BookExpo this weekend and a panel which included someone standing up and talking about how he used social media (Facebook, twitter) to promote his self-published book (in print and in Kindle) about living for several days in an airport.

    Someone writes a “creative” review on Amazon about some T-shirt no one knows about, the review itself goes “viral” and the T-shirt sales explode.

    Maybe there’s hope for poetry!
    Poetry is everywhere, Phil. BBC2 in England is having a poetry month. The President of the USA hosted a poetry jam at the White House. Your viral examples are perfect examples of how it can work. Everything is possible and the nay sayers should be ashamed of themselves. It is a grand liberation from the top down power structure of forced consumerism and the flowering of an entirely new culture in which creativity, honesty and respect are the only tokens of worth.

  20. […] continue on with the general theme of spinning and circles. I started reading Paul’s blog gingatao because he talked about non-linear time in his lovely poetry and prose. It seems like I have been […]

  21. Ping back’s are terrific and so is the Puzzle Box. In fact it is history in the making. If you haven’t bought it there is still time before Christmas. Place your orders now and karma will be showered upon you.

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