Somewhere there.

April 8, 2009 at 6:30 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 8 Comments
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Reverse connecticon between F. as Walt Whitman, played by Ray Winstone making some careful entrance in grey finery and slipping somewhere near between is me. I had two hands become pick-a-card and the hang’d man made three.

the great and sad song of
earth turned against its will
recurs and  even trees tire
of their requirements
when one child aspires
to farthest branches and
one lies curled beneath



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  1. Wonderful. Absolutely.

  2. so warm it gave me chills, so sad it made me smile
    all even and odds, beautiful poetry

  3. This is so intensely beautiful. On one level, I wish I didn’t understand English, the sound alone is so musical. And on the other, the imagery, the movement of images –the earth turned against its will, the child and the tree–is lovely in itself.

  4. tell the child to aspire to accomplish things he cares about, but also to have goals that he is able t reach.

  5. It is like a Norman Rockwell painting. One child upon a limb, one asleep beneath the tree while the blue green marble of earth spins endless silently. Just lovely Paul.

  6. Lovely. Sometimes I feel like the first child, other times like the second. Beautiful piece about duality, about sadness and joy, feeling protected vs. taking risks.

  7. This is so haunting…I love it. Such a lonely image – ‘one lies curled beneath’

  8. Lovely. Absolutely Lovely. No other words.

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