ungainly entrance

September 22, 2008 at 6:24 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 17 Comments
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(for such a tiny creature, according to the japanese pornographer says Mamu, you are to be rewarded.)
he flings an arm and chinese dragonfly tumble roll
she pops up in the middle of the darkened room
sparkled and startling in sheer grey silk
and shaking her long black hair with golden flashes
brushing dust and standing, hands off me giant monkey man
whose slave are you, mamu?
and glowers at me furious
and are you in dungeon too?
is mine destiny i guess and plonks herself inside my arm
gazing up at me, i guess it is yours too
but first my hopeless wizard friend
we must get these chains from you.
another Mistress’ spell on me
just doesn’t seem quite right
that i should be always be the one
to dance for their delight,



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  1. notes to me. talk to dr jung about the connection between artistic creativity and accessing deeper parts of the subconscious and how this can be a scary but productive exercise. also invent a category for this as a half hour blank page make something happen now Squires, you lazy bastard,
    (yeah yeah and then an hour and a half of micromanagement adjusting commas and turning phrases around, cos you are such a pedant.)
    Yes, the ending is much stronger now. You cleaned up that trick of almost blurring her voice into ‘yours’ so there is deliberate ambiguity about which one of them is the dancer. Very clever, Squires but wasted on this audience I expect, says Sir Ian.
    Dr Jung says to tell you this very loudly so you hear it Squires. If you do this crazy thing you must have one absolute rule…..THE BLOG IS A FICTIONAL WORK OF ART by Paul Squires. Dr Jung says if you don’t do this you will go crazzzzzzzzyyyyyy in real life.
    and then come back the next day and just snip the last four lines because you still couldn’t get it to work right. But I like it this way, so leave it alone now, okay?

  2. very unusual!

  3. You are a true wonder to behold…

    Your words are so rich and wonderful that I feel almost greedy in taking the whole lot…

  4. crazy can be a good form of solace, sometimes. so is ambiguity.

  5. a jesters costume perhaps, with bells? The lightness in this is formidable (in a french accent rather than the pompous English one)((or does that make it even more pompous? haha)) and I like it very much. There is a new voice in this that I haven’t heard before. Oh, the anticipation of the new never matches the anticipation of how it will evolve, does it? Lovely stuff.

  6. omg what will be next – fantastic writing gingatao and that last image cracks me up really funny sight to behold

  7. the comment adding to the drama again, topping over that poetically brilliant imagery…

  8. hhhhhmmmmm…

    I like this Mr. Paul. I like this very much.


  9. i blinked i guess and missed something important in the realm of editing and self and the cutting off of noses possibly to spite a face or save it who knows but the mcfictional mcpaulus? didn’t anyone glimpse the apparition of note noted in the note? note me, said the flea/dragonfly

    i will return and muse on and comment on what is rather than what isn’t when real life doesn’t butt in its ugly head and demand to be fed

    i wonder how long i blinked?

  10. make my tattoo dance.

  11. Only you … could write comments to yourself that are as entertaining as the post!

  12. Ungainly entrance, but the dance was mesmerizing. Encore, if your toes aren’t hurting 🙂

  13. Damn, you give good word! I’ve just stumbled over here from Z’s Naked Truth site and I feel as if I’ve just fallen through a crack in the multiverse. I’ll definitely be back when I can spend more time getting my bearings here – if there are any to be got, that is.

  14. Thanks everybody. Your comments are a constant inspiration and source of great joy. Thankyou,

  15. i’m with finch on this one. your self comments added to the post. i am thoroughly entertained. its so much fun to follow your bloggety blog!

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  17. […] and the young man obviously is spending his father’s money. McPaulus looks at his watch. The Japanese pornographer smiles. Life […]

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