no reflection, nor shadow

April 4, 2008 at 6:48 pm | Posted in writing | 22 Comments

“the japanese squid fishermen are asleep” she had said,

introspection, he says, turning from the smudged mirror back into the chaos of the room. i take my hat off for the photojournalist, his faith that mere description will effect change but to exercise desire requires imagination. the world as it is was imagined into being, sometimes by sailors.
he shrugs on the long cloak Takeshi had given him and turns back to the bed where she lies sleeping, eventually everything will be as it was before i arrived,

silhouette, he says,

the curtain flickers on the moonlit breeze,



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  1. “the japanese squid fishermen are asleep” is a smidgen of Richard Brautigan, and take my hat of for rather than to the photojournalist is because of my long ago ongoing joke about hats, so ‘take off my hat to become the photojournalist, for the photojournalist, the kind of thing i dont really noh why i bother doing except that it makes me feel cleverer and i have some sort of silly hope that these tiny invisible things have some kind of general flow on effect underneath comprehension, who knows?

  2. See there is one line here, what you were talking about yesterday, that emotes so powerfully without a single adjective, adverb, descriptor, whatever ‘the world as it is was imagined into being, sometimes by sailors’. That just makes my mind spin out, the images amazing. So yet again, I get to take my hat off 🙂

  3. why do minor chords sound sad? how little can one get away with and still attach the words to an idea, especially in a disappearing act like this one, all these comments wll self delete when i tire of reading my own work,

  4. jo picked up the same thing, the world imagined into being, that is what my son is called Narayan, its sanskrit for conciusness creating the world, imaginging itself into being…….which is the ultimate expression of love, creation.
    paul, words fail me sometimes……i will never tire of reading your work…i feel like begging you for something, something that is only ever hinted at in your writings, but it eludes me.

  5. picked up on the squid–nice

    the last line is a poem by itself/coupled with the first line–masterpiece!

  6. Thanks Scot. Here’s another one, it should really be “the world is as it was imagined into being” but i made it “the world as it is was imagined into being” so that right in the middle of the piece the words ‘is’ and ‘was’ are right next to each other as a timepivot, is this madness? does it really make any difference in terms of the effect, in a way way below conscious threshhold sense? sorry, i’m just trying to keep track of my thinking by writing it down otherwise i’ll never figure this out,

  7. “some kind of general flow on effect underneath comprehension,” thats it!!!..tickles the edges of my reason.

  8. This has to be, in my humble oppinion, about the most beautiful piece of your writing that I have read.
    Very haunting.

  9. The world indeed is as it was imagined into being; very true, this; something I deeply believe myself; but as I’ve said time and time again that the word ‘belief’ is sometimes, many times, a misnomer; more of a knowledge, rather;
    the fact remains, as has been said, we are only limited by our imagination; and the very power of imaginations is what makes any being an infinite being, beyond ontologies;
    fabulousness continues, I see, in your blog – I have been absent mostly from the scene of visiting sites due to schedules that I wish no one ever imagined into being;
    the world as it is was imagined into being – beautifully put, though, I prefer it this way, than the way you re-put it in your comment above; something more poetic about it…

  10. “the world as it is was imagined into being, sometimes by sailors.”
    okay – i’m the silly one that mentally made a jump here to sailors who were looking for the end/edge of the world. A life created/spent rushing toward the end of something. Human nature? Silly Lakota… twisting her brain into knots here…. is a lovely piece Paul, but more delightful to me: a boat that took me on a journey… even if only in my own mind. ~wink~

  11. Aw, cumon Lakota, we all know when you think of sailors you think of seamen
    hee hee

  12. Thanks everybody, I start my new job on Monday so time will be in short supply. But this small troop above will be all the feedback I need, your comments are inspirational, motivational, gifts is what they are,

  13. Good luck on the new job, any posts you feed us from now on, will be food for my hungry soul.*smoozzy*

  14. ~blinking~
    you’re leaving me Paul?
    But…. but…. (no. i am NOT referring to my ass. for once.) we’ve just entered the shiney new penny phase of our relationship.

    dang it.

    what do you mean what relationship?

  15. Oh, work, eh? I don’t mind, so long as you aren’t late for our afternoon nine. I need the money…

  16. Yeah, work, Bob, horrible thought, but i gotta get the money to pay you from somewhere, by the way if you keep winning i’m gonna have rescind that 12 stroke headstart I’m giving you.
    No Lakota I’m not leaving you, it’s just that Google Reader won’t subscribe to you, I will have to visit you via here,
    Enigma, smoozzy, it’s kinda half schmooze half smooch, cool,

  17. you said in your 1st comment ‘have some kind of general flow on effect underneath comprehension.’

    I think most of your work operates this way. I always read your posts a couple of times to grasp the many currents, and not always sure that I intellectually do, but the feelings they invoke tell me that there is something else going on in the subconscious / on another level.

    Good luck with your new job! Mine’s ending soon and I need to start looking for another, aaaghhh.

  18. Best of luck with your job!!

    As for your words above…I always feel so inadequate in trying to type a response that fits the way that your words make me feel. Saying things like…moving, lyrical and soul searching just don’t seem enough.

    All I can say is you are a master Paul.

  19. Thanks Tracey, this is my last comment on this piece I promise, and I hear what you are all saying about the centre line which is the general idea that predicates the thought, but as for the actual device I think is doing most of the work, the flick which disappears and gives it resonance out the end so there is a thought trail, one word, silhouette,

  20. Paaaauuuullll, I miss you already….aaarrrggghhh, 9but then i have had a bit to drink,) whatever will i do without you?Oh woe is me!!! *wringing hands*
    But the show will go on, the Gingatoa dancers are at this very moment mustering themselfs for a rehearsal.
    And could you please do me a favour and STOP reffering to yourself as middle aged, 44 is in your prime.

  21. beautiful.

  22. wow amazing wowowow

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