It is all seems so strange,

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Here is a truely beautiful and mystically effective poem by Tina Trivett which has stayed in my mind like a haunting all week,
June Evening

and here is a related song which could be the other side,

Have a wonderful daynight thingy,


alternative view,

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The Writer as Libertine (podcast)

from “The Puzzle Box”

by some mad bastard who thinks time truely is not linear,

cos Rick asked and also because at some point you have to take a crazy risk but more importantly to assert that they are buying the publishing rights to the manuscript and not the podcast or performance rights. (or not buying them at the moment, but we’ll see, oh and because Poetmouse Writer Reading icon avatar dared me in a way,


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Being a large and rather hairy creature he has learned to move with an implied gentility, careful not to brush against the little pink people. Shambling more like, since his back was broke that one time falling rolling jumping under a train. He sees a tiny miracle, a flower, alive like a star somehow breaking through the concrete. Just as he bends down to look more closely a child appears crouching, looking back over his shoulder, “What is this?”
“It is an Aefiel, my tiny one, don’t touch it or it will disappear,

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