“The Poet Busker” CD by Kiersty Boon, a review.

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There has been a tendency in the past to think of performance poetry as a separate and somehow less serious or valuable mode of expression than poetry printed on the page. This collection of eighteen poems performed to music puts that idea finally and firmly to rest. It is impossible to disentangle the intelligence from the emotion, the poems from the narrative, the craft and skill in the making from the emotional effect on the audience. It takes the listener on a unique and irresistible journey through a carefully observed, immaculately crafted landscape created through the exercise of a unique imagination on the modern world.

From the joyful celebration of verbal virtuosity that is Tiddly Om…

“Now some scholars may
get quite upstropulous,
if you bling up their
well thumbed thesauruses
with colloquialised
conjured up meaning”

to the fierce strength of a poem like “Fairy Steps”

“The trailer’s being towed for a blowjob on Sunset Strip
by a whore who pays her clients with her husband’s credit card,
While the begging question rolls in with the angry sky,
Just who IS paying for this crap?”

…you will be engaged, entertained and moved.

It is part of the responsibility of the modern poet to create an audience for poetry. This CD is a completely independent production, made using freely available technology and software, yet the production values are indistinguishable from commercially manufactured products. The collection is engaged in reconnecting contemporary poetry with an audience without compromising depth, range or complexity.

With all its intelligence, humour, courage and craft, “The Poet Busker” by Kiersty Boon represents, in so many different ways, the future of poetry.

And you would be foolish not to go and purchase it right now, here.


Happy Easter!

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The world is full of eggs and rabbits. Fertility abounds. Spring is sprung in the North. Bring on the original celebration, a pagan festival of fucking. (Sorry, my Christian friends, but we were here first.)

Here is my favourite Easter poem. Eostra by Kiersty Boon (from her book which you should own, The Poet Busker).

And in more good news, Brad (of Maekitso’s Cafe fame) arrives today for a visit. It will be the first time we’ve met in person and we shall be experimenting with the video camera, so look out for some video poetry performance madness soon.

Happy Easter,


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The Poet Busker by Kiersty Boon


Life is an amazing adventure. There’s not much I can say to persuade you to buy Kiersty’s book. You all know what I think. It is perfectly wonderful and without doubt my favourite book of all time. If poetry is the collective memory of the species and so on and so on, Mr Ponderous, and language contains actual magic,

No-one has put up with more from me, I mean, spent as much time listening to me listening to her than Kiersty. And so the only reason I can give you to buy this book is your trust in me. If you trust me, buy Kiersty’s book. It is full of amazing poems and font play. If you are so strange that you don’t enjoy it, I will buy your copy from you and keep it for myself because I am going to need at least twenty or a hundred copies. First editions, worth a fortune in ten, twenty years, he smirks wickedly rubbing his hands together and wondering if he could out Shylock Ben Kingsley whose Shylock was pretty good.

Why are you still here reading me playing prose games, check out Kiersty’s book, you know it’s the smart thing to do and it only costs a tenner.

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