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huh? disentangling himself from her luscious curls, almost, and then rolling back into a blissful soft pink paradise…

Sir! Land Ahoy!

Oh my goodness, please no saluting, not this time of the morning, you might wake her, again,

Yes sir. We are in sight of land, actual solid rock sir, with a geometry suggesting certain positives may be acquired from perhaps the briefest of explorations.

Hmmm, actual solid rock, no more lazy bobbing in the easy currents, well we could use some more crew after that last bloodbath, he says, looking down at her smiling in her half sleep, silver fish earrings dancing in the dark ocean of her hair. Print up some Orchid Room dance cards, alert the pixallators, we will need a croupier, and I suppose you better let the old man know if you can find him, lets take a look…

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