The Moondog Poem Saga

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“The only one who knows this ounce of words is just a token,
is he who has a tongue to tell that must remain unspoken.”
Moondog. (from Bird’s Lament)

Moondog was a jazz composure who lived homeless on the streets of New York for twenty years. He dressed as a Viking and invented his own instruments which is very cool.  I am trying to write a poem about or based on him for the Extempore Jazz Writing competition. But it is proving difficult. My brain is geometric and I seemed to have lost that instinctive feeling for the architecture of water which is so much a part of jazz. Still, I have one verse, so we’ll see.



August 1, 2009 at 4:47 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 13 Comments
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keith jarrett realising it
was the wrong piano
twenty minutes to go plays

the Koln Concert

perhaps the piano was right
pats his jacket pocket
an end to romance

just his Yakuza hands realising
absynthe again
one wedgetailed eagle

dividing the sun

(This poem appeared in Extempore Magazine, Issue #3)

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