Harpo Plays The Barbed Wire Harp.

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Who are these two strange cats
one silent, sleek and black
the other ginger tom
yowling like some ancient carp
as he plucks upon the Dali harp.

enough, he purrs and
smacks the silver surf
ace creates a wave
some tiny tigger
plays Caliban
in a cave,

Harpo Speaks.

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(escaping the tyranny of language…  

“One of the three great American Surrealists,” Salvador Dali on Harpo Marx.
(Dali sketches Harpo playing the barbed wire harp.)
For more on Dali’s great admiration for Harpo Marx here is an excellent article in the Telegraph.co.uk  
…the piano player surrendered)


The Dali Heart

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( click here to see The Dali Heart )

A beautiful object by Dali.

I Live Next Door To A Childcare Centre

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There are children laughing in joy greeting their parents almost every afternoon. Prose.

I have discovered the anti-haiku. A haiku is really three concentric circles and you are looking in, Dante-like. It is finally, at its heart, silent, static and Zen. In anti-haiku something is about to happen, which it should be pointed out, means that something is happening already, a motive force has been applied and the present is a pivot.

children laughing in joy greeting their parents

5-1-5 Haiku. Pivot point emphasises the moment from which the poem expands, the occurrence of the word or idea ‘joy’, very simple device, anyone can do it and often does.

anti-haiku, now I could scatter any number of inverted commas in there, said the Japanese gentleman. Where is she?

I don’t know. She just told me to keep playing til she got here. Where did your friend go? The one with all the moustachios?

Ah ha he said with a short bow at the waist, touché, as you say, in your language.

That’s French.

Yes, but they all sound the same to me. Do you know Keith Jarrett?

Well, I haven’t met him personally,

Ah, I see, I see, very good. How long will she be?

The Dali Heart (2)

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I wish I could craft vast cathedral doors
crowned by a Dali heart,
and as they open outward
a scented sigh is heard,

hand in hand,we could wander through,

into that landscape of the mind,

just me, my love, and you,

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