‘shaken and stirred’ by La Lunatique.

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shaken and stirred

muddled mumbly moments flow together with liquid confidence and the scenery shifts

swirling reds and swinging vines link humans to gods with umbilical precision

the crack of a bat hangs a question mark in the damp evening air

the crowds cheer as I walk the talk, shoulders back, assets forward

pull out the big guns baby i’m ten feet tall i’m a tall drink a swagger

do the math it adds up and then subtracts itself retracts itself to a quiet corner

just a minute please

deep breath step back size up the situation

launch one last attack of wit on the unsuspecting khaki coalition

sashay an extraction

the sun looming on the horizon looks an awful lot like truth and consequences for the invincible

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Gertrude Stein and I

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I was on the radio in the USA again thanks to Paul A. Baker at Wordsalad. (In my opinion one of best resources for contemporary poetry on the internet.) You should listen to the whole show, it’s fabulous but if you’re pushed for time you can hear my contribution in podcast here, The Writer As Libertine. (To read the poem you will have to invest actual real money in a copy of The Puzzle Box. Perhaps I should submit it to a journal somewhere so people can read it for free?)

Last time as you may recall I shared the bill with Ezra Pound. This time, among others, I was proud to be included on the program alongside Gertrude Stein. This made me particularly happy because Gertie (to her mates) was not only famous as a pioneer of modernist poetry but also for the wonderful company she kept. She was painted here by her friend Pablo Picasso. She was friends with Matisse, Apollinaire, Thornton Wilder and Hemingway amongst others. And that is why the internet, where links dissolve time and space, is a wonderful place to be a poet. Such fabulous company.

Thanks, Paul A. Baker.

Oh Michael Bauer,

December 2, 2008 at 6:40 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 28 Comments
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where are you now it’s summer
too hot outside for baldy men
slightly overweight yesteryear
t’was portulant, the word,
almost porcine sweating in
Ezra Pound overcoat
nothing to do but drink weak tea
and watch the dark parade, “Poetry is not
a three-ring circus,” she says, adjusting
the straightlines of her hem.
Where are you Michael Bauer
you should be gracing us with insults
as soft as suede gloves followed
by the gentlest breezes of language
invisible arabesques of thought and
delight in the pure elegance of line,

Contemporary Poetry

November 13, 2008 at 6:52 pm | Posted in blogging, links, poetry, writing | 16 Comments
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What a beautiful phrase. Tempo. But what I wanted to say was that at some point everyone reaches a dilemma. I only have so much time. Should I read what is being written now or should I read the classics? For me this takes the form of whether I should go and read T. S. Eliot or go and read Ebby. Now, a lot of people will immediately assume that T. S. (to his mates) is a better poet than Ebby because he is so famous and Ebby is a blogger. A moments thought should reveal that to be entirely illogical. Fame is no guarantee to worth, especially these days.

So we are still left fifty fifty. And here is the clincher for me. Why I read contemporary poetry. It’s because Ebby lives in the same world as I and there are far too many implications to that thought to spell them all out in my boring, plodding prose. Except maybe this one, ginga, passion, life, poetry in motion,

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