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The Poet Busker by Kiersty Boon


Life is an amazing adventure. There’s not much I can say to persuade you to buy Kiersty’s book. You all know what I think. It is perfectly wonderful and without doubt my favourite book of all time. If poetry is the collective memory of the species and so on and so on, Mr Ponderous, and language contains actual magic,

No-one has put up with more from me, I mean, spent as much time listening to me listening to her than Kiersty. And so the only reason I can give you to buy this book is your trust in me. If you trust me, buy Kiersty’s book. It is full of amazing poems and font play. If you are so strange that you don’t enjoy it, I will buy your copy from you and keep it for myself because I am going to need at least twenty or a hundred copies. First editions, worth a fortune in ten, twenty years, he smirks wickedly rubbing his hands together and wondering if he could out Shylock Ben Kingsley whose Shylock was pretty good.

Why are you still here reading me playing prose games, check out Kiersty’s book, you know it’s the smart thing to do and it only costs a tenner.


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