Where does a poem exist?

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“I’ve always liked your emphasis on poetry as communication, a way of binding communities. It marks a very fundamental difference in thinking with wide implications. In my mind making the distinction between poetry as selfexpression and poetry as communication leads one to an emphasis on traditional craft as opposed to unrestrained experimentation for its own sake.”

Squires to Barbara Jane Reyes.

I was thinking today that this train of thought which begins “Is poetry a form of self expression or a form of communication?” can also lead to a question I encountered over at Geof Huth‘s, “Where does a poem exist?” If it is simply an expression, when it has gone from inside the head of the poet onto the page, it is finished and lies flat as piece of text, an artefact.

If it is an act of communication the poem exists as an alive thing, an event in the mind of the reader or listener and the text becomes just a device, a link, a catalyst for creating waves of change.

Lately I have been thinking I should comment less and instead turn them into posts with links but I’m lazy and don’t have the time.



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Do not click any ads you see on this site! They are not mine. I don’t want them there but WordPress sticks them there everytime I get any traffic on the blog. Sorry. I will have to go through the whole horrible process of self-hosting to get rid of them. What a pain in the arse. Sorry. But just don’t click them okay.


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Those of you have been around a while will know that being myself is one of the things I find most difficult. In fact, the myth of the consistent self is one of my favourite themes. That is one of the reasons I have always found these interview thingies so perplexing.

You can see my latest attempt to define method in my madness at the ever fascinating Another Lost Shark.

Where do the words come from #5, Paul Squires.

Thanks, Graham.

No More Blogging For Me.

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When I first started this blog I used to say, I am not blogging, I am creating a multidimensional text that reflects my interest in non-linear time, art history and theory and playing with wordage. I went around talking to other writers, expressing my opinion honestly and trying to engage in meaningful and robust discussion. I did what I could to offer encouragement and support. I met some wonderful people, some interesting and skillful writers.
I am not blogging anymore.
And here is why. ( “Art Predator earns gingaTao seal of approval.” Check out the comments section.) Oh and if you like have a look at the related poem in Bolts Of Silk (thanks Juliet).
So no more ‘blogging’ for me. Instead I will be posting my writing and expressing my opinion honestly, engaging in healthy and robust discussion and offering support and encouragement to the people around me. Oh, that’s right, business as usual. Now if I connect this doodad to the concept of respecting the dissenting voice, hmm,


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You know the most successful blogs around are blogs about blogging for money, not actually blogging for money but blogging about it, whoosh, it’s like a toilet bowl seriously. I don’t mind if you just want to blog your life and use it to stay in touch with friends, I am just not going to be particularly interested because you obviously have too much time on your hands to be an interesting person. Oh by the way Chinese blogging is particularly interesting at the moment, because of certain lets just say upcoming events and the disappearance of any visible dissent in Burma and the situation in various other parts of the region, geography in which it is difficult to actually control anything except which flag flies, in mountains where conspiracies have been created between certain types of people, exiles, nationalists, tribal mysteries played out over eons. In China and in Japan blogging is taken as a an artform perhaps because of an ancient connection to calligraphy and a certain precision of spirit. There are few people who would question the beauty or the permanence of the Tao Che Ching. In the West the tendancy is to attempt to pull things apart to understand them, to see how they work and in the East there is a tendancy to put them together, to seek connections and unities. An inspiracy between lovers of freedom and beauty and honesty must have some effect. Spread the inspiracy she wishhpered,

Where’s F.?

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At some point the money’s gotta be coming from somewhere, I have been out exploring (problogging insertlink haha), round and round you go past advertising disguised vaguely or not and sitting somewhere behind a screenmachine is a person getting paid for misdirected clicks, there is a vacuum sucking as it were the point of your mouse to a flashing red light waiting for a jerk of your wrist beyond conscious sensible control, and with a margin of error beyond its visible borders to gather what? Perhaps just an address. But they are boring money number counting numbnuts whose only chance of getting paid is by processing numbers. There is no content, they are chasing each other round in circles past each others adverts, hahahahahahahahahahaaaaa,

now son you stand there at that door in that uniform with that big fucking gun,

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