Translating Oscar Wilde,

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“There are men so arrogant who cannot praise a great man whom they admire, without representing it as a link or a path that leads to themselves.” Nietzsche.

Further to our conversation. Ever put arrogant writers into a search engine? Here’s my two favourites. Alexander Solzhenitsyn (damn the man for having the hardest name ever to spell, worse than Mr N). Spent a lot of time in a freezing hell with nothing but a pencil being worked like a slave. And wouldn’t shutup. One of the greatest writers ever to live on this tiny tiny short-lived planet whose books changed the world and continue to resonate. Accused again and again of being arrogant.

Norman Mailer, need I say more. In the fine American tradition of dissent, Gore Vidal one of the greatest political novelists ever, the equal of the ancient Greeks in many ways. Books which changed things, which engaged the culture. Both accused again and again of arrogance.

I contend there is a connection here in terms of the mindset required to create something like that and other people saying, oh you are loud and arrogant. I’ll leave it to other people to work out what that connection is. Not to mention, Bill. I’m a little too close to the subject said Dr Benway tapping his cigarette,

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