F tattoo (in G, is for horses)

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Fear. and freedom from it.
looking in mirrors and startling

fantastical modifications in form
with no apparent function

p is for pointless alliteration
without contrasting consonants

F is for free
to give it all away

and go sailing.

most people i know,

March 10, 2008 at 6:45 pm | Posted in writing | 13 Comments
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was one of the first pieces of music i put it in here, think that i’m crayayayazeee. Let me explain the takeshi-kitano nexus as quick as i can. They are quickly developing one unified indentity for you on the web as you know and no matter how honest you try to be, that identity will inevitably be filtered by the technology and come out different from that you there reading now. So there are two of you, the you writing and the image of you that the reader has and they are inevitably different, that is the takeshi-kitano nexus. Now when i bought my first computer about two years ago, after getting out, if you know what i mean, metaphorically speaking, nudge nudge, i had nothing, except the computer and a phone line and i thought i wonder if the internet is what they say it is, if it is possible for someone to make a living just by being fairly creative, reasonably intelligent and wellread and nothingelse. I don’t need the computer to be creative, but here’s the thing the money has to come from somewhere, and i have been around crooks and thieves my whole life. The money has to come from somewhere legitimate for it to work for me this time, because if a community cannot or chooses not to support its artists it will literally bore itself to death, literally,

Now you will notice also that i am trying to base this nexus between art and money on certain principles, so far, fairly prosaic and without magic or craft, just honesty, for now,

gingaTao! the shop


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