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gaily traipsing road crossing
daffodils and dandelions fluttering wakeward
as he passes
and a scent between miner and metal
playing ‘dancing with cars’

This bus is very quiet he thinks
And Tuesday!
Yet another icecream sky

why is a letter of the alphabet
who the noise of owls
how a pleasant greeting
when a minor chord
what a measure of electrickery

Ducks down the alleyway
Waddle and a quack
Fruit salad breakfast
Back to formularity

rainbow graffiti trailing beauty
curlicues of exuberant joy crisscrossing
as he passes
and a music between oscarrrpeterson and
the brickwork
playing ‘reality, it’s a great place to be,



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  1. Sounds like a lovely day to be had! This is another gorgeous Squires poem and I particularly like the surprise of ‘how a pleasant greeting’. Though, it’s hard to pick a favourite bit as it is all wonderful. Definitely a jazzy feeling in this one.

  2. Need to hear this at SpeedPoets Paul. One of the finest examples of Spectacularity I have ever encountered!

  3. such a joy! and fabulous energy swirling thru the world it makes with words

  4. Transparency upon transparency of joy.

  5. I love how you are unafraid to depict joy.

  6. This is so refreshing to read. So many beautiful details and the joy of life expressed is vividly translated. Fantabulous!

  7. so much playfulness here Paul and so much attention to detail

  8. i think it was the “…gaily traipsing…” that really caught my mind’s eye… that i gotta see squires…

  9. ha! this makes me so happy.

  10. Outstanding. Really enjoyed this – especially ‘yet another icecream sky’. Makes me want to cut loose and just write something joyous. Thank you!

  11. Still miss you, dear friend. Never think anyone will forget you, McPaulus.

  12. really miss the give and take, reading your stuff anew, wish you were here

  13. […] it in a line. And I thought like pointing at it […]

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