The Puzzle Box (2nd Edition)

June 24, 2010 at 3:34 pm | Posted in australian poetry, poetry, writing | 4 Comments

I would like to take a moment to introduce “The Puzzle Box” 2nd Edition. I was never really happy with the layout and presentation of the first edition, it had a very ‘first edition’ feel. So I employed (and at very reasonable rates I should add) the services of an experienced freelance editor, the inestimable Kiersty Boon. The book is now completely typo free, it has an index, acknowledgements, new font, a stylish cover, frontispiece, is perfect bound and is, in every way, new and improved.

Importantly, the first edition has now been removed from sale, so if you own a copy of it, you are in possession of a rare and valuable asset. However, with the second edition and the application of the incredible style and precision of Ms Boon’s editing expertise, I finally feel that the frame enhances and accentuates the work. If you are preparing a manuscript, a skillful and independent eye is an absolute necessity and I do not hesitate in recommending Kiersty’s services as an editor to all and sundry.

There are many ways of supporting the gentle art of poetry but none more effective and realistic than buying the work of the poets. Please consider this small investment, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.



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  1. I’ll just have to get me a copy and take some more photos of The Puzzle Box’ at the beach. Good to know my original will be increasing in value (and it was free as I recall – well I was supposed to buy you a few beers) and can you imagine how much more it will be worth when your dead (shame about the ordering of these things). Can’t wait to see the new edition mcpaulus. You’ll get the beers one day 😉

  2. Paul, I don’t know how but I never got around to getting my hands on the 1st edition. And I have not been around since like millennia, but now it’s time to trap myself in the puzzle box…

  3. Ok, so I’ve ordered it and though they told me they cannot ‘guarantee’ shipment, I await it eagerly 🙂

  4. I can assure anyone who has not yet held the puzzle box to their wonderous eye, that it will alter your vision in the best possible way!!!

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