Friday Night Karaoke with F.

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Happy Birthday Albrecht Durer. They tell me you were also prone to crankiness inherent in the precision obsession being such a perceptive mathematician of perspective.  We are still enjoying your mass reproduction revolution collapsing the distinction between the low art and the high culture. I would clasp my hands and pray if I still felt that was an appropriate response to soldiers  advancing through the mists of time and various other ridiculous apparitions. These days, I measure lines of sight only in decibels.  Approximate the distance between the letters involved in, “It’s only typing,

Sillyness, willinilliness, numbers have meaning only in context, “why is it pouring rain”, slamming his glass down on the piano, get some perspective, son, Rousseau had tiggers too and the softness in their eyes as they watch us watch her rise. I’m only typing “the 736 bus will be 14 minutes late again” and I do, remember those blue berets must be on the manifest, oh hey presto, I remember Durer he said, fancy hatted fellow, now count me in,

I looked down at the keyboard and thought one two three four, you make me feel like

(Albrecht Durer (1471), Henri Rousseau (1844) and Leo Sayer (1948)  share todays birthday May 21st)



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  1. As usual, you don’t have to hit the links but if you don’t you will miss the point. They open in new windows so you can hit them all at once and then read it. Have a fantabulous Friday.

  2. Reminds me of the twitter days. don’t have to tell me about ‘prone to crankiness inherent in the precision obsession’ – aspies rule ok. You are the king of links in poetry that is for sure, and that will be the new ‘new’. I can’t see a softness in those tigger eyes – more like a tiggerly suspiciousness. ‘You make me feel like dancing, I want to dance the night away’. Go Leo Sayer.

  3. Great cover on the new edition too!
    It is a brilliant cover, the whole rework was the result of some amazing editing by the world’s greatest freelance editor. Glad someone took the fifteen seconds to hit all the links and get the full Friday night experience, Gabrielle, rage on,

  4. quite the trio, yes, a romp through visionary things and mathematicals like only you could do. brilliant too. and fun. happy bdays! great writing.
    Thankyou! I remember a discussion we had at one time about the meaning of numbers, Tipota, perspective and so on.

  5. That is one wild trio Paul. Been offline most of the last few days but this was a trip!
    Welcome back! Bass, drums and piano!

  6. Very nice birthday party for Albrecht who gets younger every year. And interesting choice of bday music! Albrecht has lightened up if he dances to such festive, whimsical music. (I can picture him on the disco floor, oddly enough. He certainly had the hair for it.)

  7. all due consideration, admiration and appreciation to Mr Durer, not least for the rabbit alone; and Mr Sayer, I was surprised to learn while reading a biography of his first manager/mentor Adam Faith, had an impressive intent from his emergence, which was sufficiently thwarted, that now, some people give him less value than he deserves.

    may I direct you to some possible pleasure in vigorous poetic debate at my pal Baroque In Hackney

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