The Speed Poets Gig

May 6, 2010 at 6:53 am | Posted in performance, poetry, video blog, writing | 20 Comments
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It’s a very different experience performing for an audience of people and standing around in front of a video camera waving your arms around. The former is exciting and enjoyable and unique and the latter makes me feel very silly.

I really must get back into exercising and eating fewer cakes.



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  1. I knew you were a magician! It is amazing to watch you pull images from the air.

  2. That was hypnotic – you are a magician. Great pace, brilliant words. You picked a great combination of poems to make the extended narrative. Stop apologising and keep eating your cakes. I only wish we had a recording of the actual day. How the hell did you remember all that – I take my hat off to you.

  3. Yeah how indeed did you remember all that. This was a fantastic performance. It was like the words were pouring out of you, every movement and gesture was poetic.

  4. bravo bravo moltomagnificent! tossing roses! encore encore!

  5. I can see no reason why regular cake eating should not be allowed to form a coherent body of work over a lifetime. Wish I had been there. You are extraordinary and inspiring.

  6. Can I say from someone who was right there… it was hypnotic! He lit up the SpeedPoets stage.

  7. This is just wonderful, Paul.

    The audience may not be there in fact but the audience feels real to me along with the images you create through your wonderful voice and words. Brilliant.

    Image after image and we follow one after the other.

    I am awed by your memory, your ability to recite these poems and to bring them to life, one after the other.

    And your hands, like a dancer’s.

    And your voice… your accent, British, Australian? Again wonderful. All wonderful.

  8. You are a poet, an actor. Oh, who am I kidding? You’re a rockstar. And those who eat cake rule. I firmly believe that.

  9. That is the most awesome thing I have ever seen on my computer screen!!!
    “accusations of sentimentality”… I always felt them medals and awards; proof and praise of humanity. Amazing that you can memorize your own work. I never could. I memorized some ee cummings and T.S. Eliot instead. I tend to write it and forget it. lol But THIS…THIS is unforgettable! BRAVO to the 10th degree!

  10. Hear, hear.
    I second everyone.

    You are a mesmerizing and that was phenomenal.

  11. like a big ‘ol english speaking bird

  12. omg … you’re inspiring, Paul! truly so …
    and yes, your hands … *grace

  13. […] May 8, 2010 inspired by Paul’s performance and my strange mood […]

  14. I don’t hardly know what to say, this is so amazing — not a heron — but a bird thin elegant white in its flying. The gestures, your voice, these words, the images they evoke — it’s all just so wonderful.

  15. ohhh i didn’t realise there was pingback stuff going on ..
    i’m sorry …
    that must look like shameless self-promotion when it was no such thing!

    am going to hide under the desk now … omg, you caught me emulating your own rhythm aarrgghh!

  16. You are indeed a thespian Mr. Squires. You love the words, that much is apparent and of course this translates to the audience. Your poems become ethereal when you perform them. Excellent Paul! I would however, like to suggest thar be some beer in them thar cakes matey 😉

  17. […] very pleased to see that Gabrielle Bryden has taken the seat for Paul Squires‘ camera. You have both put a very large smile on my face. My writing is falling into a heap, […]

  18. you should eat as much cake as you want, paul

  19. Glorious, Paul, your gorgeous voice, your graceful hands, your luminous words. As rich as cake. And as filling.

  20. shheeez, you are quite the performer Paul!

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