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April 28, 2010 at 6:43 pm | Posted in australian poetry, performance, podcast, poetry, writing | 10 Comments
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I have been enjoying myself at Pool which is a project coordinated by the ABC, Australia’s national broadcaster. They have requested pieces about birds and rivers, so I thought I would podcast a couple of poems, sunonheads exit and The Scrub Turkey. You can hear them at Pool under the link above or here at my podcast site.

It was good practice for my featured performance at Speed Poets this Sunday where I will be doing twelve minutes from memory. Wish me luck!



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  1. 12 minutes? you’ll do amazing. luck not necessary.

  2. You’ll be brilliant. I know it.

  3. Totally agree with Jason and Narnie. You’ll be fantastic.

  4. I love your podcasts. Good luck for Sunday (missed it by one week – arghh), not that you need it as you will be splendiferous and fabuloso. See you soon.

  5. Wonderful listening. Here’s wishing you the best good luck, and my thoughts want to be with you so I’ll try to remember on Saturday, which sometime-or-other includes your Sunday — since you Australians always beat us to the greeting of the day.

  6. You will be amazing on Sunday… and just remember – if you forget a word or two, no one will know it but you. 😉

  7. Can’t wait Paul… one more sleep, but this was a great taster!

  8. que pablo a star in the making!! don’t have those ear thingees… don’t have internet so shall read instead… it is a wonderful occasion and so sorry can’t make it… if i swim or float upon a merry raft still wont be on time… so will be in spirit as you make your way along the path of poetic pathos… and back there a few days ago how surprised i was by the comment you left… a sage too!!!

  9. It’s done! And it was great fun. I remembered everything, no slipups at all but I was much too fast. My brain was screaming, slow down, but my mouth wasn’t listening. As soon as it was over, I thought, I want another go! Thanks for the opportunity Graham, see you next month. I couldn’t film any of it, no camera operator but this week I will try to film some at home and whack it on youtube.

  10. wonderful, am so glad it was fun.

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