seeing you

April 13, 2010 at 7:02 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 15 Comments
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i am contained inside my smile
cheshire cat style
it is all of me
like a s(i)mile

i become a metaphor
though i’m not sure
quite what for

just a stand-in
for some other thing
whose wild heart’s
still singing


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  1. A scrumptious poem! Wonderful.

  2. It is an upside down keyhole. Very smiley indeed.

  3. A master maker of positive objects you are, Paul.

  4. I love the metaphor and s(i)mile contained within and read it over and over.

  5. this is wonderful

  6. ooo this is delightful … it works as a technical wotsit demo and yet in many ways it’s very “adult” (whatever that means) (i only say this because of your tags) with several tones of intriguing complexity .. not to mention a hint of sadness … or that i delve too deep and come up with visions tangled on my tongue … or anything like that …

    beautiful writing, Paul

  7. Oh, I like this a lot 🙂

  8. Wow, this is an amazing. Could be a song. I love the ending, could be the chorus.

  9. Excelent, beautifull.
    Metaphors stand for other things as well, that is why the text is a self-self-referencing one.
    Well done Paul

  10. A poetic playground – love it, Paul.

  11. lovely venue for being contained, set free also

  12. Shine on, you crazy diamond. I love the spirit of this poem- great title too.

    {Keep smiling}

  13. wow, capturing the essense of a cheshire cat’s smirk. very vivd and flowing poetically. a pleasure to read.

  14. Thanks everybody. I like this little poem. My friend Graham Nunn is starting a campaign to get more poetry taught in schools and I thought maybe it was incumbent on us poets to actually write some poetry that could be taught to the tiny ones.
    Mike! Long time no see. That is a beautiful poem under your link, my friend.

  15. thank you. yes.. i have no means of contacting you.
    i can’t seem to purchase your book through the lulu link and i have an account with lulu, it stalls and wont go through.
    Another thing. I would love to invite you to submit to us.
    Your workl is unique, i really enjoy reading your poems.
    I will email you. I have your address.

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