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Episode Two – Paul Squires poem “Three-legged Dog”

Watch Episode One, Brad Frederiksen “In Vitro Alienation” here.


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  1. […] Watch episode 2 – Paul Squires ‘ Three-legged Dog’ here […]

  2. Thanks for that Paul and Brad – somehow just as I imagined it would be, the two of you drinking, smoking, reciting poetry. I love your three-legged dog poem, just wish it was a bit louder. Do you have to recite your poems from memory at most readings (because I don’t think I could do that – since I suffer from CRAFTS disease – can’t remember a fXn thing). Love you both.
    Thanks, Gabrielle. It was a successful experiment I think. You don’t have to memorise your poems for a reading, but the general consensus is that it makes it more interesting for the audience, as opposed to head down mumbling into your book. The sound will be fixed for future episodes. Perhaps you would like to be in one? That would be great.

  3. Please could you shoot whoever was sweeping the patio? I mean shoot as in shoot rather than video shoot, haha. This is fabulous. Two men, two whiskies, two cigarettes, two bellies(heheh), two poems and sunshine. Perfect.

  4. and two beards… I forgot the beards.
    Thankyou Narnie, especially for the bellies and beards. We do our best under the circumstances.

  5. Wow, great! a classic. the relaxed poets made me smile and feel good, too. bravo! encore, encore
    ps. use some wild bird seed every day – magpies will sing – suet too, get a suet basket, birds will flock and be very happy
    Thanks, Tipota, for the encore and for the tips. I will start feeding the birds today.

  6. Brilliant!
    Thankyou, Cocoyea! I hope the accents weren’t indecipherable for the American listeners.

  7. What a couple of cool characters. Loved it!
    Cool bananas, thanks, Selma.

  8. Paul and Brad, this is sooo delightful! So intimate! I love this! and
    Narnie, I loved the sweep sweep sweeping in the back ground too! I would have liked to have heard the words and the conversation more clearly but this way it is almost like a sound poem, a piece of music even. Wonderful, keep it up and get Gabrielle in on it too please!
    Wow! Thanks, AP. I don’t think we are ever going to get perfect sound outside. The zoom mic picks up every whisper, but I like your idea of it being like a piece of sound poetry a lot. Next time Gabrielle comes down to Brisbane I am going to try to talk her into it, for sure.

  9. Gwendolyn, I would start smoking again if I did these type of readings.
    That’s one excuse. I will keep asking until you run out.

  10. A Bro-mance if I ever saw one. DAMMIT – I knew MedicatedLady and I forgot something for our shoot – and that something was a strong drink.

    Haha, bro-mance indeed. Thanks Bryan!

  11. Braul, seeing you both in living color is such a treat. Gentlemen you both look incredibly happy, chillaxing on a sunny Australian afternoon. These are just wonderful. More, please!
    Harmonie! There will be more. Hopefully with better sound and better poems too.

  12. I can be an ambassador for the fifties. I’m mid-way in them and conclude that every stage of life has its plus and minus. With increase in years you have more content for thought — admittedly one doesn’t necessarily know what to do with the extra content, nor does it necessarily make one wise or clever. For a poet, I should think it’d be positive though to get more filling-in-of-words-with-time’s-passage. More photons strike you, more air fills the lungs, you have taken more foot-steps, have more doubts, but probably more certainties also. (They might be wrong certainties, but one learns not to be excessively particular about that.) I make it sound like age… But age is decline. This is still an upward path — one with a nice view,too. The fifties are okay. No fear.

    I love the poem. The motion, the sounds of the words. Spoken or silent upon the page (or screen) either way is quite fine.

    Here’s looking forward to much more.

    I am enjoying getting older and more experienced a lot, Aletha. There are many advantages as you point out. I worry less and enjoy more. Fewer things seem important and the important things seem easier to control with less effort. Other people’s opinions have faded onto background noise, so I can enjoy my eccentricity. Youth is all noise and wasted energy.

  13. I’m glad that we can enjoy your eccentricity too. It is a beautiful, wonderful, glad eccentricity.
    Haha! Thankyou, Aletha.

  14. I had to come back and see you two again 🙂 good luck with your poetry reading next week. And you look smashing in red 🙂
    Thankyou! I am just doing the open mike next week and then the featured bit next month. I am looking forward to it a lot.

  15. He does look good in red! Great choice of colour.
    Thankyou, too! Red is for change, which is the theme of this year, in a way.

  16. Now that is a treat! Like being with two old buddies I grew up with. At the same table. Kindred spirits.
    Wayne! Haven’t heard from you in ages. You would be more than welcome at that table, my friend. What are you up to? I will pop over to your bloggedy blog and have a look. Cin cin!

  17. May SpeedPoets is going to be a blast… See you on Sunday for the lovely Ms Amanda Joy!
    I’ll be there, Graham. I am going to bring the video camera too. Might get episode #3 of The Braul while I’m there.

  18. i like the name Braul… you’re just like Brangelina, a beautiful couple 😉
    Ha! Thanks, Mr Sidewalk. I shall ponderate my revenge.

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