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It is with tremendous pride that I announce the appearance of two of my poems in one of Australia’s oldest and most well-respected on-line poetry journals, Foam:e.

The two poems, “A Small Boy Holding Flowers” and “The Yellow Dress” are two of my favorites and I am glad they found a home in such a beautifully presented collection and in such excellent company. The journal also contains work by Stu Hatton, Jill Jones, Angela Gardner and Derek Motion.

Anyone with an interest in Australian contemporary poetry should pop over and spend an hour or two checking out the work of some of our best poets. (And check out my two poems too, if you care to.)

I have been away from the computer for a while and I am miles behind in my reading and commenting. I apologise for my absence. But I’m back…



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  1. Yipee yayayayayayayayy!!!!!
    My thoughts exactly, Gabrielle, only they sounded more like, “Rage on!”

  2. congratulations! A Small Boy Holding Flowers is particularly excellent
    Thankyou, Juliet. I finally got hold of a passport application today, and your beautiful and noble city is high on my list desired destinations. See you soonish.

  3. yeeeeh har!! brilliant. glad you’re back, I was wondering what had become of you…
    Very happy to be back too, Ms Screamish. I have been resting and recuperating from the most extreme of summers.

  4. Ah to have your poetry published here in Australia. That’s some achievement. Your poems are wonderful and well deserving of such recognition.
    Thankyou, Elisabeth. I hope to write some more soon. It’s a pity there is not a link under your name to your bloggedy blog. It makes it so hard to keep with what you are up to.

  5. paul: i think i loved your bio equally as much if not more than the poems included. congratulations – beautiful work wonderfully placed. x
    Sarah! Hello again, and thankyou. You know me and bio writing, it’s a little joke every time. I must race over and see what you are up to.

  6. Gorgeous poems. Very classy journal. I’m enthralled. What a wonderful coming home!
    Thankyou, Ms Squirrel. Foam:e is one journal I really wanted to appear in, it is super classy and the editor, Louise Waller is one of my favourite Australian poets. I am looking forward to reading all your tiny tales as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

  7. thats such a great place to be. kudos and congrats! those are indeed two wonderful poems, and its nice how they found a good home. best wishes!
    Best wishes to you, Tipota. I missed you and your genius of wordage particularly.

  8. Congrats! On the poems and putting together such an interesting and creative bio! I clicked around a bit – it’s a fantastic journal!
    Thanks Bryan. I have such a list of reading to do and your book is at the top of the non-computer pile. You must be incredibly proud.

  9. Congratulations Paul! They’re both very graceful with a subtle rhythm.
    Thankyou, Cocoyea. Any compliment on rhythm from a drummer as classy as you is particularly precious.

  10. Your poems where amazing, I loved them, you should post them on your blog as well (if it is allowed by the copyright). By the way wanted to tell you I been checking out that poetry journal, and discovered lots of amazing new writers and poems, thanks for letting me know it exists, I will bookmark it so I can read it more thoroughly and continue following the new stuff.
    They are still in the blog, Mariana. They began life here some years ago and migrated to more gracious pastures. Foam:e is one place where any lover of poetry could graze for many hours without disappointment.

  11. ‘there is no silence like hello unanswered’. Incredible synchronicities abound. Two beautiful poems eternally bound. My feet in the foam, and wondering, now, why do I still seek her reply in the sound.
    Each moment eternal, Brad. It is a truth and a consolation.

  12. I agree, great journal! will jump over now, haven’t seen the new issue yet!
    One of my favourites, Ashley. Beautifully presented. The journal acts like a frame for the poems and the editor as curator of the gallery.

  13. Congratulations, Paul! So happy for you. And glad that beautiful Australian poetry finds its way over to these shores also.
    Thanks Aletha. Australian poetry is going through a renaissance at the moment. There is great work being done all over the country.

  14. All good news, congratulations Paul, great to hear your voice again.
    Thanks, Mark. It feels great to be back.

  15. Heartiest congratulations! I’d like to read said poems.
    Thanks, Phil. I look forward to catching up with all the goings on one your side of the pond too.

  16. I am incredibly excited for you! What a good day, to read your good news! I’m sending you a virtual bottle of icy champagne!

    PS welcome back- bloggoland is not the same without your words.

  17. Your poems are just beautiful, Paul- they did well to pair them together. Your biography is pretty funny!
    Thankyou, Harmonie. Pop! Fizz, champagne fountain, yayay!

  18. Woot! Awesome! Love it 🙂
    Simonne! Long time no hear. How are you going? I will pop over to your bloggedy blog and find out. Thankyou.

  19. Quite right too. Onward and upward. No… not sideways. 🙂
    Oh, not even for fun? Okeydokey, I will keep ascending the ladder of literary immortality, thankyou, Narnie.

  20. nice one mr squires, and ditto on the bio. quite a laff makerer you are.
    Thankyou. Bio writing is too silly to take seriously.

  21. I agree, Paul – beautifully presented. It’s just such a nice layout, clean but not dull.
    And congratulations again, ‘a small boy…’ is superb
    Thanks, Ashley. It’s going to be a big year, this one.

  22. I love these poems, as you know…congratulations! Yay for you!
    Thankyou! Here’s hoping Marshall’s recovery is speedy and smooth. Best wishes, AP.

  23. Congrats Paul! I especially like ‘A Small Boy Holding Flowers’.

    And I agree, you’ve excelled yourself with the bio… I didn’t realise you were born in Bournemouth!

    It’s a great issue; Louise has assembled some beautiful work.
    Congrats to you too Stu. I have to say your two poems are among my favourites. The synchronicities in my life are many and wierd, being so loud and being born in Bourne-mouth was the first. I can’t explain it at all, except that time is not linear according to Einstien and the psyche is not bound by time and space according to Jung. If everyone likes that bio, I will use it all the time from now on.

  24. Welcome back Mr.Squires, and congratulations, thats wonderful!
    Thankyou, Ms Mist.

  25. That is great news, Paul. You certainly deserve the recognition.
    Thanks Selma. I have decided to tread a more traditional path with my writing this year and submit to more journals and magazines and do less blogging. Until I change my mind again, that is.

  26. This is nice, the two poems where phenomonal. Michael
    Thanks, Michael.

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