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in your
tears descent
tiny stars sparkle
grace notes
the event and its


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  1. magical writing,
    love this poem so much!

  2. This one sparkles in a galaxy all its own.

  3. hmmmm…I’m all too curious by far- what was the event, and what was the consequence…

  4. Shimmering and beautiful Paul…

  5. Just lovely.

  6. beautiful grace notes

  7. wow paul, noah likes muchly

  8. Beautiful!

  9. reflected facet off a crystal of surreal glistening

  10. ohhh my .. i presume it’s ok to just swoon right here and now? beauty in the minor chord. yes, here it is.

  11. love the use of ‘grace notes’ Paul, really striking, adds so much power

  12. Resplendent. Love it.

  13. My goodness, talk about you and I being on a similar wavelength (the grace note thing).

    A gorgeous poem — stunning, and music in and of itself.

  14. every. word. belongs.


  15. this is my favourite, this is an equisite piece, sad/joyful. intruiging. masterful work

  16. very graceful and subtle

  17. Elegantly terse, like a haiku.

  18. Jewelry poem = brilliant!

  19. It is the cadence, and the subtle rhymes, that make this a small gem. Hope you are well, dear friend.

  20. such a delicate twinkling of gorgeousity, brilliant!

  21. exquisite!

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