sunonheads exit

February 16, 2010 at 7:02 pm | Posted in australian poetry, contemporary poetry, poetry, writing | 13 Comments
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sunonhead is always happy
he thinks tummyful by the riverbank
how does he do that then is distracted
by a flash of silver just beneath the surface

somewhere in the world a monk is happy
and his song carries the river forward
follows the shadow of the sparrow
as her hair cascades down mountainsides
and rivers unfurl
into the sea

there she is thinks sunonhead
and slips beneath the silken surface
ripples radiating behind him
and flattening, smoothing into
the surface of the still lake,

(from The Puzzle Box)



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  1. Delicious! I gave my extra Puzzle Box to my brother a couple of months ago. He is happier and healthier now than he has been for years.

  2. the way sunonhead thinks is a wonderful thing. beautiful poem

  3. somewhere in the world a monk is happy
    and his song carries the river forward

    Good to know u still got it Pauls…I’ve been meaning to get back to u for a while, but got caught up in my own little world. Anyhow, u can email me anytime (I think I entered it on this site). I’m actually starting a group at the Cafe – small/select, and am trying to woo u and shel back (already got AngelHeadedHipster on board). Let me know, stranger.

  4. somewhere in the world a monk is happy
    and his song carries the river forward

    I love these two lines also, and the next…the whole work is gorgeous, supple, a ribbon of words

  5. that;s lovely, thanks. pleasing to think of happiness moving things around.

  6. Wow! So beautiful, so powerful! I don’t know what to say…

  7. lovely, paul. additionally, i see the “mature readers” banner up to the side – did i miss something? aside from the stray f-word? makes me think i should’ve been pleasuring myself all the other times i came to the blog. i should’ve felt guiltier about coming here, too. ah, well – life is full of missed opportunities.

  8. I loved this when I first read it, and still do. Simply beautiful.

  9. This will never age Paul… The Puzzle Box is eternal.

  10. The water imagery is so varied and stunning.

  11. The line, “he thinks tummyful by the riverbank” is heaven to me. I love it.

    I, too, caught the “mature readers” notice on the side of the blog. If any site should have that warning up – it’s mine. What prompted you to post?

  12. Between reverie and motion, its hypnotic :)!

  13. this is beautiful… i like this place of quiet and peace a lot… if you tell me dear monk i shall not share it w/a another living soul…

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