pickpocket song

February 10, 2010 at 7:06 pm | Posted in australian poetry, contemporary poetry, poetry, writing | 12 Comments
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“I like the idea of someone pursuing the idea of beauty all their life… perhaps not necessarily a pursuit of romance but of wonderment.” Kiersty Boon

noone does a fagin like my fagin she snarls
smiles and bites an apple
singing and skipping then slowing
seeing a large redfaced creature
lumbering sweatily toward her
Sunday morning slowly passing
passed by s’light
of hand

taking breath from whom as secret,

eye before e except after sea


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  1. “taking breath from whom as secret. dancing”

    loved the lines…

    very beautiful poem with a witty mind!

  2. ‘The line Eye before e except after sea’, is brilliant. I see that grammatical rule so differently now.


  3. While driving to work this morning, I had a ‘look before see, except after me’ loop running. This piece is speaking to it, Paul. Kiersty – you are brilliant.

  4. I still stand by those words. I’m off to see the west pier recreated in light over the sea tonight. I hope it will be wonderful and offset the sadness of seeing her partly dismantled last week. I’ll keep my hands firmly tucked in my pockets.

  5. Captures the rhythm of a pickpocket’s slow/fast sleight of hand.

  6. I love “s’light of hand.” Another magical poem, Paul. And the Kiersty Boon quote is marvelous, too.

  7. Loved it, made me giggle.

  8. Beautiful poem Ging, you have an incredible mastery (do you say it like that i mean you really mastered) in handling word sounds and meanings.

  9. I agree with the above comments… and love to see a wordsmith take advantage of quotes, italics, and parentheses. Sometimes I think we forget all the tools at our disposal, but you – you put them to good use!

  10. And I love the title.

  11. wonderful – i love the title and the quote too, and the feeling of movement like a dance throughout

  12. Hi Paul, this piece is great. is what I loved best 🙂

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