one trick pony

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trick is all
that horse cantelouping
in one gigantic gorgeous book
called, and you shouldn’t have to make an
argument for beauty nor quote peaks of the self-evident emerging,
Keats on the superfluidity of truth, honesty is permanent does not need
to be remembered when never having to change trains nor horses flying across Egyptian planes.


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  1. If you are looking for the brilliant Paul Simon song – it is here
    If you are looking for Shelley’s Ozymandias it is here
    The Tao Te Ching on the dissolution of shapes.
    Gingatao internal search, horses
    Stu Hatton’s poem Cartouche (references Ozymandias)

  2. What a pyramid! Constructed by your gorgeous words!
    Exciting links, like wading through some delicate cloisters to reach the ancient, mysterious source of the music coming from inside the pyramid, being all ears…and good music!
    Thanks, Sherifa, glad you enjoyed it. I changed the ‘and’ in the last line to ‘when’ and that makes me much happier. And now I have changed ‘enormous’ to ‘gigantic’ which is much better feel-wise and in terms of reference to the Shelley original. And inserted a comma after called,
    and that is all for now, no more fiddling.

  3. oh fiddle away while No-one burns.
    Just beautiful.
    The famed 18thC equine artist STUBBS painted a 17-foot canvas of a horse. Whistlejacket is the word to enter in a searchbox.

  4. Well you certainly haven’t run out of words have you! Another ‘master piece of literature’ as Bob Dylan says. Thanks for the links and that ‘dissolution of shape’ is awesome. Ozymandias is one of my favourite poems as well. A tree or a pyramid or maybe both. I agree with you!

  5. ‘one trick pony’ ‘won(derful) trick poe(m) tree’ (no argument needed)

    to simply enjoy peering amid(st)

  6. must be the season fever, I see a Christmas tree. Cantelooping, beautiful word

  7. The flow and the tapping of the tongue that is necessary to jump through hoops, down the looping e’s and in circles around a tree, a hole, an arrowhead pointing north just for the pleasure of influence, anti-quotes whatever you like, transportation subverted for fear of enlightenment, simplicity.

    I had not read Horace Smith’s Ozymandias before a few moments ago – it’s great fun. Thanks.

  8. Shelley was a beautiful perfection. I like the look and sound of this poem Mr. Squires.

  9. “you shouldn’t have to make an / argument for beauty nor quote peaks of the self-evident emerging, / Keats on the superfluidity of truth”

    Ah, sweet negative capability.

    Nice, Paul. And cheers for the link. I should mention for your readers that the link is to my remix of Kristen Bissaillon’s poem.

    I can’t believe the coincidence that I was just reading Ozymandias a couple of days ago and now this awesome poem that you’ve written. Thought this link might be of interest if you’ve never seen this before. I cannot believe this monument exists a mere 5 hours from my home and I have somehow missed seeing it in person.

  11. I read this yesterday from work and told myself I shall comment from home, so I can think of something smart to say. Home, of course, I got busy and forgot about posting the comment…And now that I’m at work again and forgot the smart commnet, may I just say that this looks & reads great? and it is much smarter than my comment…

  12. I confess: Logically, I have no idea what this means but I see horses flying off a carousel on Egyptian plains (planes) and it’s just very beautiful, what can I say? Sometimes your poetry hits me just on a completely subconscious level.

  13. And what was the trick, the only? Honesty is permanent and can never be truly captured, it is past as we speak, lovely cartouche this :)!

  14. OnE trick POny, I liked the word/sm-art

  15. I feel like such a barbarian….. I lol’d a lot one trick horse/cantelouping…that is one tricky horse but maybe urbandictionary let me down on this one (lol) I had not thought of the cartouches belonging to a 2 dimensional “gigantic gorgeous book”
    thanks for that image

  16. “The Way is shaped by use,
    But then the shape is lost”

    that is how it is in drawing, you find the shape by drawing and to rediscover one must draw more — “you shouldn’t have to make an argument for beauty” is beautiful. And deep. One can’t really make the argument because beauty runs counter to arguing, yet dull people continually undermine beauty, and one wants to argue in its defense … a “superfluidity of truth” — like it’s raining — softens the earth and rescues. Reading this I almost felt like I knew that book with horses running — drawn in black sumi ink

  17. Get me one a them flying horses… sounds like one helluva way to travel!

  18. Beautiful poem, the more I read it the more (at least I think) I understand. It comes in layers

    Take care Paul

  19. As a horsey person, I am given pause over a new description/definition of cantering and loping, or airs above the ground, but if I am honest, I first thought of melon…

    Wonderful piece – and fun to look upon!

  20. Zen master Squires, I see a Christmas tree in your hieroglyph. Lovely form and content.

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