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It is indeed an honour to be included in such esteemed company, this small sorority of song. Comfortably gathered here beneath decks surrounded by those few things we have treasured. Who interplolates, let us drink to the end of distinctions…

between the nouns and the verbiage, the gathering, haha chuckles the old woman broods whilst knitting, we hold these truths to be self-evident

some wiggified frenchified gentleman, one moment madame, a question, to be, i think, oh damn he has lost forgotten flipping through ornate pages, afloat called cabinboys

oh we do so love us a pirate poem

we do love

to live beside the seaside


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  1. Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum, the same bottle that frequently carries me to the furthest reaches of my distinction. Perhaps it is just the opposite. Either way, I find this one especially fascinating. I had to read it over and over, nothing to do with the rum, mind you…. 🙂

  2. I could see the rowdy group, under the decks, in my mine’s eye and they were having a lot of fun and drinking rum and singing – hidee ho hum ho! The wiggified frenchified gentleman is particularly ornate though forgetful. To the podcast please.

  3. afloat indeed-! off with his head as they say (it bounces between….’arcs’ i would say or ‘linebreaks’
    and perhaps that last thought is a flash f bravery, like who would think that just before the end, only a being in peaceful transit blah blah, truly fun while disornately wiggling out! thered be a movie of a rippling tongue while the head rolls
    -ugh sorry thats too graphic, thats the thing tho, its the suggestion and how it is done so merci monsieur vous êtes brillant

  4. Cheers! Oh, come all ye…

  5. wiggified, wiggified, bona fide, cast aside, deluding the corsairs, alongside the leeward side

  6. Ay, yi, yi, on a pirate poem I’m afeared of having to walk the plank!

    Slash. Any koi around these parts an artist could draw?

  7. I will drink to that.

  8. Cheers to the the end of distinctions! I distinckly heard you say it

  9. and Happy Birthday Mr.Squires!

  10. The way you put your words together is like a kind of sweet voodoo n we do so love it:)

  11. “wiggified frenchified gentleman” Ah how I dig this Paul!

  12. this is a total hoot! wiggification at it’s most sublime… more rum please gentlemen.

  13. ghosts don’t laugh, but. . .

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