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The hole is more than the sum of its planets.


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  1. Hey those books/volumes/chapbooks look familiar. Thank you for showing us around. Why don’t you have an Australian accent (well you do but you are very well spoken) – you are not from the upper crust are you? Not that I would hold that against you – just curious.

  2. I think Paul’s got a pretty ocker accent but then I live with an Englishman in France…

    Is that a book called THE POOH MONSTER???

  3. fun work!

  4. Torturer in Chief! :O

  5. laughing

  6. Haha, thankyou. Cast and crew-
    The Haul-
    The Poet Busker – Kiersty Boon (gift)
    Extempore #1 – (ed Miriam Zolin) (purchased)
    Auguries of Innocence – Patti Smith (gift from Ms Smith’s editor)
    Ruined Man – Graham Nunn (purchased)
    Going Down Swinging #27 – (ed Lisa Greenway and Klare Lanson) (purchased)
    Speedpoets Vol8.3 – (ed Graham Nunn) (contributors copy)
    Walking On Chalk – Kiersty Boon (purchased)
    Original Skin – Maxine Clarke (one purchased, one gift (signed))
    Not Enough To Fold – Amanda Joy (purchased)
    Eclipsed – (ed Kiersty Boon and The Poets Cornered) (purchased)
    The Puzzle Box – Paul Squires (purchased)

    Grist for the Mill –
    The Picador Book of Blues and Jazz – (ed James Campbell)
    Nobody Knows My Name – James Baldwin
    Surrealist Poetry in English – (ed – Edward B. Germain)
    The Weekend Australian Magazine – (Oct 17-18, 2009)

  7. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  8. thanks for the grand tour

  9. My first movie role!

  10. Awesome collection of beautiful people 🙂

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