on not getting arrested

November 5, 2009 at 6:39 pm | Posted in genre isn't dead yet but it should be, poetry, portraits, writing | 8 Comments
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Those heart starters are wild. Anyway, I found peace in immunity to deliberate provocation. A moment’s thought untyped. Without font as it were. I saw many go mad, quite literally and others fight till they were carried off somewhere. Returning only to be photographed on a balcony overlooking the sea, a wide hat, sunglasses, her collar turned up against the breeze and turning to me, there’s plenty of space between impro and discipline it seems, and smiling.



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  1. Ignoring deliberate provocation is always the best avenue of attack. Your genius knows no bounds – I am flabbergasted (isn’t that a good word)Captain Haddock. Fiction has genre but does poetry?
    My general contention, Gabrielle is that the internet is gradually making the idea of genre obsolete. I know what you mean about genre in fiction, but I am talking in a wider context of the idea of something a poem, a novel, a movie, a song. Because the internet gives you the ability to weave all these things together, the idea of different media is gradually eroding. Perhaps I am using the word ‘genre’ in a slightly different way to other people. It is an East and West thing. The Western mind likes to divide things up in order to understand them, the Eastern mind to bring them together. Watch for this idea appearing in a literary journal near you. Rephrased and without acknowledgement.

  2. She’s looking very Joan Collins tonight – without the shoulder pads, thank goodness.
    Thank Goodness. It is a very nice hat though. Perhaps she is in disguise, perhaps she’s hiding something.

  3. itz been awhile, but sweet comin back… i love these inbetween moments where the air is thick with possibilities yet detacted in a beautifully cosmetic sorta way…

  4. well well well, whaddaya know
    almost unbounded thats what. love it, its gorgeous.

  5. You may not think it poetry, Squires, but those are darn beautiful words.

  6. this is a wonderful snapshot. The second sentence is so true… I like the idea of thoughts without fonts too….

  7. Fabulous imagery, and how well you capture a mood, and a dilemma.

  8. Contrasts and complements swirl beautifully in your words Paul.

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