An Appeal to Reverse Fate

October 21, 2009 at 6:40 pm | Posted in blogging, writing | 17 Comments
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The dog is dogged in chasing pigeons, his three-legged ziggedy zag a Sack Posset perfection of tongue-waggling slobberised smiling. When I was a youngster the jacaranda’s purple bruise signalled the arrival of November, exam time and a momentary sobriety. Now, because of all the boojwah cattle cars farting fumes they have bloomed and it is just October.

So here am I, in the park, with pepperment tea and a notebook, this one here where these words are, scrawling a strange sensation, like a singularity in my centre with the dog an electron planet wildly rotating sending silly birds whirring. I want to give the pigeons names but my sense of humour is so strangely inward, exclusive to various recluses, I would most probably get sued.

I must start submitting actual poems to magazines again instead of parodies in assumed names. I mean, I must stop pretending that I have submitted parodies to every Australian Literary journal (a hoax hoax) and start actually attempting to contribute to our (ahem) vibrant and honourable literary culture again. First of all though, I must brush these crushed purple blooms from my stolen heffalump pyjamas, gather that mad beast in and see if I can persuade Huehuecoyotl to remain still enough to sketch.



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  1. This is fantastic, nice and light again. I feel like I’m back in Brisbane again – yes, when I was at Uni the only time I was sober was in the November exam period and I swear that the sight of those purple flowers made me physically ill for at least 10 years after finishing (by association with exams). Your slobby dog is so well depicted – the electron planet imagery is amazing (only you would think of that). The last line is sublime.

  2. What ho! Someone taking my name in vain? This post makes me jealous. Oh to be pyjama’d in a peppermint park, surrounded by snuffling pups and oozy blooms. I would love to know what you would call those pigeons.

  3. heffalumps don’t beat hippopotami. Often.

  4. Wonderful, dreamlike, funny in an alice-in-wonderland sort of way. Love the whole thing but especially the ponderings of the last paragraph. Thoroughly enjoyable.

  5. it’s been so long…good to explore your blog again…viva Po!

  6. Very very nice – i wish i had a jacaranda – sigh – they don’t grow so good here

  7. so good i had to get some pie to go with it, and some grape soda to go with the jacaranda and it was like being there

  8. Ha. Notebooks have come a long way too, haven’t they. I think the dog should sleep outside when it’s raining, but my wife keeps letting him in.

  9. Yeah go for broke, send some stuff out there!

    Peppermint tea is a godsend.

  10. dog an electron planet wildly rotating sending silly birds whirring — love this line

    meanwhile, yes, back to work for all artists! life to portray

  11. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. My favorite image is ‘jacaranda’s purple bruise’ and that of your dog as an electron. I love your ‘at the park’ reflections that you have on and off. It is strange to ‘scrawl’ when you are used to tapping out the words, isn’t it? Okay, not that I am one to give any publishing advice, but why don’t you try other markets? I know you want to swim in your own pool but there are many seas.
    ((follow your bliss))

  12. Sometimes, the most honest is clothed in a hoax-robe.

  13. A veritable buffet of evocative, amusing, and poignant word bliss. 🙂

  14. yep, yes, yay, yea, yes, yes yes

    BTW, in the northern hemisphere the purple blooms might be Princess Flowers or Tibouchina.

    Jacarandas go nuts here in socal in the spring month of May.

  15. Haha, as if. Even a three-legged dog can step off the left foot. Thanks everybody, your wonderful comments mean so much more to me than the approval of a few academics and self-appointed editors of literary journals. I think huehuecoyotl is gonna be the new exu post-ganeesha period, “If you want it, come and get it,

  16. You are truly gifted in building a full sensory experience with your words. Even though I’m already in Brisbane, and relate completely with the scene you paint, I feel as if you have me MORE here than ever before… (if that makes sense).

  17. hmmm, a lovely day sipping pepperment tea… the color of trees, the sway of jacunranda blooms…. now when you speak of shapeshifting i can only remember the night of strong cool winds on a dark desert floor… running towards or away i cannot remember… great stuff paul, as always a pleasure to sink in and sip the adventure of words on the other side…

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