Rainbow Tattoo

September 28, 2009 at 8:23 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 17 Comments
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Stroking his outrageous moustachios, grey and straggling like some monkey magic figure from my childhood, there are no coincidences, especially not names, here here and here he says his stubby finger like it was trying to make holes in me, gaps in the filter.

All I had wanted was a tattoo but for some reason, caught between the ekphrasic and narcissistic, so a poetry slam heh, and you want a nice tattoo, well he said, I don’t usually do drunks but I’ll make an exception for you since right now things aren’t slammin round here, more drifting down in a constant beautiful drizzle shattering rainbows through the room.


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  1. I love this idea – getting a tattoo, drunk, just for a poetry slam. It’s brilliant!

  2. Oh — and the changing banner. I like all the images you’re choosing.

  3. dazzling spectrum and delightful unique textures and details, things like ‘monkey magic’ ‘ekphrasic and narcissistic’ or ‘drizzle shattering’ rainbows – too beautiful for ordinary words. it is so like a painting in my minds eye museum, hanging in the liveliest most colorful gallery, the one between impressionism abstract and surreal

  4. I put rainbows in a piece once and was immediately told I was being ‘too gay’. True story. That is one mellowtrip piece of prose, Squires.

  5. I like the image of the nefarious monkey magic figure, although they never attacked from behind and always just one at a time. I have a few tattoos and you have captured the curmudgeonly ‘artists’/artists perfectly.

  6. Playful, beautiful images.

  7. So dense, so much info packed in, reminds me of the 27 tattoo piece (I think that was the name). The shifts here are dazzling.

  8. Thankyou. Now I am off to sail the wide blue seas, living senti mentally

  9. I have missed reading your wonderful poetry. What a talent you have. Always a treat!

  10. more drifting down in a constant beautiful — I love this

  11. A poetry slam as a rainbow tattoo, there lies great inspiration (ahem! I have issues with genius..)

  12. I think it’s good to have a tattoo artist who changes his rules depending on his mood – nice and flexible that; and a bit of monkey magic (hey pigsy) is always good – enjoy the wide blue seas pirate but don’t get too lost.

  13. Ps. Also love the raptor!

  14. mmmmm, the difference between experiential poetry and experimental poetry, m

  15. “shattering rainbows” gave me the shivers. You do incredible things with language, Paul.

  16. Beautifully written paul, I like how you describe the guy and the scene, and the so much used sentence “I usually don’t … drunks” like an excuse for not being ethical, which does not make any sense.
    Did you ever got one ? I was always afraid I would end up hating it, therefore I never did, and my mom says it hurt a lot to get rid of it (my mom does that kind of things as an MD)

    Take care paul

  17. i really, really like this. it feels like half asleep & swimming.

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