It’s a wonderful life lived in gratitude

September 26, 2009 at 7:15 pm | Posted in australian poetry, contemporary poetry, poetry, writing | 15 Comments
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He thinks stumbling over clothes discarded
suddenly his hands forgotten. His mind
flirts with larger words whose echoes
like redemption rarely now
ring bells like vindication
free from endless red horizons
picking up the phone
he realises he has no idea
what kind of thing she eats.
Room Service, one of everything
and turns again to sleep.


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  1. any time of the day is a good time for pie.

  2. I like room service, Hello.

  3. One of everything is the sort of thing one would cleverly do when half asleep and then regret later.

  4. Yes, not knowing the food can be most revealing. Indeed, lots of little things in life turn out to be revealing — but only after first providing an “education.” (And then tis’ too late.)

  5. oh, gosh, I forgot the gratitude. Well, that makes a difference, doesn’t it? It’s very confusing (life, I mean)

  6. I am grateful for many things. There is almost a complacency in this here gratitude which is intriguing. I feel like F should flash his cuffs, with a wink, as he walks away, haha.

  7. Thankyou all. There’s a little bit of Lady Macbeth in this one, I think.

  8. your poetry effects an increase in appreciation of all poetry more than before with thought and word. it moves around the most unusual beautiful places, thru in and out of shifting shapes. to me it is xtrafine art and a great treat to read and experience.
    Thankyou, Tipota.

  9. Is there blood on his hands?
    You don’t get to his age without being guilty of something, Simonne. He’s not a vegetarian. Maybe it’s just the motion of rubbing away the arthritis that reminds him of Macbeth, who knows? He is notoriously reticent on the subject.

  10. Bring me everything and I will choose. That’s my motto.

  11. “ring bells like vindication” – wonderful line. With your recent post referencing American movies, I can’t help but link the title to “It’s a Wonderful Life” and the room service line to a scene in “Pretty Woman” where RIchard Gere does indeed order everything for Miss Julia Roberts.

  12. Lets hope she doesn’t have a nut allergy, or the entire thing could hinge on knowing her medical history and an epipen. 😉

  13. Someone above remembering the American movies, and me an American wonders why Uncle Sam so particularly got associated with motion pictures? Is it in “the pursuit of happiness”? We built our government around that quest before knowing quite all of what that might mean. Rather like the room service.

    But everybody pursues happiness even if they didn’t write it into their constitution. Happiness will be pursued — gratitude for happiness — okay, but she is someone about whom the most fundamental things are unknown? Ooh, la la. Lady Macbeth meets the food pyramid.

  14. Very nice text, I like the image it creates in my head. Just ask something reasonable for room service, something small, coffe, orange juice and a ham and cheese toasts. I think that can go wrong.

  15. Wow, I love this — the subtle rhyming, the languorous rhythm. gigglesnorting at “room service, one of everything.”

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