the ad hominem nepotism nexus

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There, certain confluences of forces
of which we must beware she says, son.
The blackest holiest of places, she hissed
some sound sheeva or some such never mind
sometimes she speaks the language of her ancestors
but i asked the drunken cartographer and he said
its the ad hominem nepotism nexus.

it’s not in the sky, it appears in the sea
and monsters arise dripping poison
appearing from silence those who dislike us
not because of what we want
because of what we are,
because of something we cannot control
the colour of our skin or the name of our god,
you see one, she says,
look up



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  1. Sounds like a place I’ve lived, da rez. Good words Mr. Squires. 🙂
    Thanks, Val. I have cleaned up the punctuation a little. I wanted to leave it with the improvised grammar to make a point about the ad hominem fallacy, that even bad grammar doesn’t equal bad logic, but that may have been one layer too much to expect from from the casual reader.

  2. Excellent Paul, I like the reduced style, forcing a second and third reading to achieve different flows of thought, forcing the reader to look beyond the surface.
    Thanks, Mark. I’m really intrigued by this idea. And will probably develop it further.

  3. wow add homonyms fantastic
    Oh I am so pinching that Tipota, it is brilliant.

  4. Ah this resonates – and it resonates with me. Brilliant work, just plain brilliant.

    I’d love to hear a podcast of this… Any hope?
    Thanks, Patrice. I should factor a regular podcasting in, two or three times week. I’ll try to remember.

  5. Love this!
    Thanks, Ms Mist. I have edited in linebreaks and made some other small fiddlings.

  6. Very topical. 😉 Who is the drunken cartographer, I wonder?

    I too would like to hear you podcast this. Would be very interested to hear how you deliver the gravity of the lines in the second stanza.
    I will have to do it then, Stu, the podcast. My biggest problem with them is avoiding slipping into self-parody, but that is my biggest problem in most things. Your last two poems were supercool too.

  7. I’ve just got one word to say – genius; and because I can’t stop at one I’d also like to say I prefer it with the small fiddlings (just a bit clearer to us dummies). You certainly have to beware those poisonous (backstabbing) monsters – ‘better watch out for the skin deep’ The Stranglers (was just listening to that and thought I’d throw it in).
    What a beautiful song, I will have to put in the vodpod. That’s an interesting thing, the linebreaks do serve somehow as clarifiers, they do more than just add a pause. When I add linebreaks the poem becomes easier to digest in some way, hmmm,

  8. I would just love to hear you read “monsters arise dripping poison
    appearing from silence those who dislike us”

  9. Look up. You have your finger on the down pulse, and the up.
    Cool bananas,

  10. What an incredibly powerful poem — I love how you’re exploring the ad hominem logical fallacy, and the phrase “ad hominem nepotism nexus” is just brilliant. The whole poem is brilliant, and speaks wise words of caution about our troubled times.
    Thanks Thomma Lyn. I have been thinking of doing a whole series of poems based on logical fallacies, but you know me, I probably get distracted before I finish two.

  11. crazy wild intense images here Paul and disturbing as well

    powerful brilliant as usual
    As usual, AP. The pressure to be powerful brilliant all the time is getting me to though. I might post a few duds this week just to get rid of it.

  12. Hello, stranger from down
    under. This was really beautiful, I can’t leave without telling you, also, without telling you that I enjoyed your comments on Maxine’s whose sit doesn’t let me leave comments


    you are right
    about el academia
    all of it, the game element, it is strange when anything becomes institutionalized it takes away some of its light, the art, etc.

    Hope you are well.

    Sincerely, friend who went over to enemy turf 🙂
    Harmonie! Hello again. Thankyou. Do you have another wonderful poem?

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