An editor’s nightmare, a wonderful world.

August 31, 2009 at 6:57 pm | Posted in blogging, links, writing | 6 Comments

(subtitle – Letter To Betsy) An editor’s nightmare, defined as – someone who asserts that Goethe did not write enough and who insists like Shapespeare on the visual, on spelling rhythm with two h’s and wierd weirdly. Whose respect for the rules of grammar extends only so far as grammar’s respect for him.

Whose favourite words are fantabulously wonderful! My free copy of Extempore number one arrived in the mail. 192 pages of Australian writing on Jazz, poetry, interviews, graphic art and prose including an article entitled “Surrealism in Music” and a 6 track CD. And what makes me even happier is that I cannot keep a secret, I am an editor’s nightmare, in that I just keep giving it all away but Extempore pay poets.

What to do with someone whose taste in music is so odd that he prefers Nick Cave’s surprising version of What A Wonderful World to Louis?



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  1. Let him flap wildly, stand back and watch the air ripple like kaleidoscopes, that’s what I say.
    Like a large flightless bird, Narnie. I forgot, religeon with a ‘e’ so it contains an eon. Scarey with an ‘e’ cos it’s more childish. Anymore?

  2. No, I think that is p rfect.

  3. You mean there’s another version of what a wonderful world APART from Nick Cave’s? oh, and by the way… some emus CAN fly – see my hyperlink 😉

  4. And do I have a premonition that payment would be for one of your jazz related poems? Filled out the survey – if they get enough of us, it looks like poetry will soon be the focus. I think being an editor would be a nightmare, full-stop.

  5. Remind him that he’s probably coy ‘cause one needs to master drawing before that cubist doodle thingy. Hmm…I think I’m quoting someone now…

  6. heaven’s to Betsy and all that plus congrats

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